This year I'll be turning 37 and I can't believe how time passes by so quickly! I've been noticing nowadays how much I've changed physically(wrinkles included) over the years which made me honestly think if I am really contented with how I look. I think most women my age would seriously consider cosmetic surgery if they have the money. But I think not me, why? I'm just too chicken to go under the knife! But if there's one procedure that I might consider it will be getting a botox injection. Aside from being inexpensive, unlike facelift, I've been hearing a lot of positive feedbacks for botox like smoothening your wrinkles around the areas where it developed which will make you look younger but there are also disadvantages or limitations of botox injection. Your facial capability (like squint or frown) will be limited depending on the type of injection that you get, Your muscles could also get paralyzed if administered improperly so it's very important to seek the help of a professional cosmetic surgeon.

I've seen celebrities which had botox injections, and I can really see how much their appearance improved. I will lie if I say that I don’t envy them at all. I want to get rid of my wrinkles but at the same time I'm afraid to try it. So if you also want to try getting a botox injection, think about it real carefully and pick a qualified surgeon to avoid more serious problems in the future. Who knows, one day I might blog about getting a botox injection here!

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