When I was still single, I had this hobby of collecting stamps which I learned from my co-worker. I find satisfaction just by looking at them at my stamp album and for about 3 years I possessed about a hundred stamps which I either bought or swapped from other stamp collectors enthusiasts. I know that there are many types of collectors out there but I was not aware that gold coins are also being collected.

Unlike stamp collecting, gold coins acquired by collectors are very expensive but you could well invest your money buying gold coins. But before investing your hard earned money on gold, you must first learn the in and outs on gold market. Getting information from a reputable gold company can help you get started. I've learned that you can determine the value of the gold coin by its age, condition and the number of coins originally minted. So let's say you have a number of valuable gold coins, that would only mean you're already safe against any economic or currency-based crises. Why? Because as this crises weakens the economy, the price of gold increases, which makes it more valuable.

I am still not very much familiar with gold coin investment but I already has an idea how it works. So if you have the money, I suggest go start investing on gold coins as it is very profitable and stable investment.

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