My Tita Cleo just informed me that she will send us a balikbayan box which consists of many pasalubongs for us! I am more excited to see the dresses that she gave Hannah. I already saw it via webcam and it was all so cute and beautiful! I hope it could fit Hannah since babies tend to get bigger quickly.

My Ate Cherry also e-mailed me that she bought a bathing suit for Hannah and Dana. I just wondered though when she plans on sending the bathing suits. I am also very excited!

It's always an advantage to have relatives in the US since they always don't forget to give us clothes especially for the kids. My cousin Emma gave Hannah tons of clothes and shoes which Hannah still uses to date. It was very helpful since I don't have to always buy Hannah stuffs since this was freely given to us. Thats' why I'm so thankful for my relatives for the stuffs they always give us!

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