I've been trying to find the theoretical breakdown of GMA and her entourage of public officials' lavish meal worth around $20,000 at Le Cirque in New York and I was fortunate to find it after a series of searches on the net. This was only an estimate as to how the presidential party could’ve racked up the bill. This news or should I say scandal(which was first reported by New York Post's Page Six column) caused quite a stir considering that majority of the Filipino people don’t have a decent meal to eat while here they are enjoying a sumptuous meal while the nation was suffering and at that time mourning the death of former President Aquino. What a bunch of insensitive individuals they are indeed! And now after just 11 days, another report of an expensive US dinner from Washington DC circulated with a tab of $15,000 with orders ranging from lobster, steak and fine wines! So if this indeed is true, a total of $35,000 or PHP1.6M are spent for 2 meals for GMA and her entourage! OMG, now please give me a bucket coz I want to puke right now! I just thought how insensitive and of poor judgment that they still have the nerve to eat such an expensive meal while most of the Filipinos are dying of hunger here. Below is the supposedly $20,000 meal which they enjoyed, it's up for you to judge!

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    mlq3 said...

    cel, that isn't the menu. it's a theoretical computation, to figure out how the president could have accumulated a $20,000 bill. but it's not the actual bill.

  1. ... on August 18, 2009 at 5:56 PM  
  2. CeL said...

    thanks for correcting me mlq3! i already changed my post. :)

  3. ... on August 18, 2009 at 6:58 PM  
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