When me and my husband got married, the first thing that we planned to do is purchase a house and lot. Owning a house is one of my dreams because I thought decorating your own home, gardening your own backyard and basically maintaining it is really fun to do! But we don’t know the hows and whats about house buying so we asked for help from a real estate agent that my mother recommended and she helped us and shared her knowledge about the basics of home-buying.

It is very important not to rush about your decision when it comes to buying a house. You have to very carefully think about it and enlist the help of a professional and trusted real estate agent about the procedures so you won’t make any mistakes. The process is really not that complicated, you just have to follow simple steps of home-buying when you go through with your purchase.

Also when making decisions on owning a house, also take in consideration how much space are you planning to allot on your garden. Are you planting a tree, fruits, vegetables or just flowers? Think about gardening in November which is a busy month since it is the perfect time to plant since you can harvest your crops in time for spring.

I hope you could find your dream house, just like us which are now starting to build our own home.

Yes, it's true! I'm now one of the million people on Facebook now went on cyber-farming! At first, I wasn't much interested coz I thought it's just for the teens and games being played on the internet won't make any impact on me. But lo and behold… I tried it a week ago just for kicks, and now I'm on Level 12 and since last Tuesday I have checked my farm every single day and I can't get it out of my mind just thinking when will I harvest my crops, or when will I expand my farm and what decorations I will add this time. Hhmm, pretty silly huh? I know! And to think I'm currently obsessing on up-ing my level than the rest of my neighbors!

Anyway, here's my current farm. I want a Philippines flag badly! Ok, for sure I will have that…. I'll have to just keep on farming!

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