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I was able to reserve tickets for the Disney On Ice show at the Araneta Coliseum this Dec.27, 2009 at 2PM. I really wanted Hannah and Adriel to watch this show coz when I was still a little girl, my Tita Adel would always bring us at the Araneta on Christmas Day to watch this show. I still remembered it was called then Holiday on Ice. So this time, I wanted for the kids to see it for themselves. We were seated on Upper Box A which is kinda near to the stage. Now I am the one who is more excited to watch this… 30 days to go!

This coming holiday season is the perfect time to dress up our little ones so as early as now I am already thinking of what type of dress should I let Hannah use. I've been window shopping on different malls this past few days trying to find my little girl the perfect outfit this Christmas. I also browsed online to check out the latest on girls clothing until I found out about this cute traditional smocked dresses for girls. This clothes has many different styles and colors which looks really comfortable for the little ones. The designs are classic which would make young kids, boys and girls alike standout when worn. This outfits would also really look great on family portraits and Christmas cards.

So this Christmas season, let's give our kids something to look forward to by wearing traditonal but elegant clothes they would feel comfortable. Start planning on dressing up your kids and make your holiday season with your family a most enjoyable and memorable one.

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One of the well known or perhaps popular web directories are Yahoo Directory and DMOZ because of its wide range listings and considerable amount of categories ready for use. But you also have to remember that it is essentially important to carefully select what category your site is so that it would not get lost somewhere. You wouldn't want to lose customers that way right?

so how was your halloween yesterday? well we spent the day at SM MOA with the kids in tow. hannah & adriel dressed up with hannah as the pirate and adriel as football player. there was so many people at the mall, the kids are all so cute with their costumes on. hannah & adriel got a few candies coz we went there late. a lot of stores don't have any more candies to offer coz they started giving away candies early.

anyway, just wanna share with you hannah's costume yesterday...

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