If you are thinking of making money via the internet or succeeding on online marketing, I suggest you make your site interesting, work out on making it attractive to prospective clients or customers then have it listed on a reputable business web directory where your site could get listed depending on what category your product is. By doing so, prospective customers can easily access your site and would soon drive traffic and will evetually do wonders for your business. Of course the last thing you want for your business is to go unnoticed so aside from making an impact on your website you have to make it available and therefore you have to list it on website directories. You can list your site for free or by paid inclusion. Whatever it is you prefer, you can be well sure that your site will get listed as it will become available once searched.

One of the well known or perhaps popular web directories are Yahoo Directory and DMOZ because of its wide range listings and considerable amount of categories ready for use. But you also have to remember that it is essentially important to carefully select what category your site is so that it would not get lost somewhere. You wouldn't want to lose customers that way right?

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