Of the current events that has happened last Monday and Tuesday respectively. So by this time you've already knew about the hostage taking that took place last Monday in front of Quirino Grandstand which took the lives of several HK Nationals and injured some. I definitely don't condone this type of violence in my home country and with my countryman as the culprit. I also am ashamed how our policemen handled the situation. It was really done in such a bad way I wanna go at Qurino Grandstand that moment and hurl invectives at them for doing their job so poorly. What I can do right now is pray for those who died and their families as well that they have the courage to withstand all this trials.

So now with the happy part. Congrats to Venus Raj for placing 4th at the recently concluded Miss Universe pageant held at Las Vegas USA. Can’t say I was happy enough for the win, she could have done way better if not for the last part(you know the Q & A and the Major Major bruhaha, hihi). I must admit I went…HUH??? But hey, nobody's perfect and at least it was the best finish for the Phlippines since Miriam Quaimbao's stint which incidentally also lost coz of her answer too. I was just thinking what if we send an interpreter next time so that our future candidates won't have a hard time expressing their answers in English? Hmm, what do you think?

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