Being an avid traveller, I have this dream that someday I get to take Hannah on a beautiful white sand beach where we both can relax, enjoy the sun and have fun at the same time. I really love travelling a lot and going to the beach is one my favorite past time. And by constantly searching for this beautiful white sand beach, I found Myrtle Beach which was really breathtakingly beautiful! I am really sure that Hannah would enjoy the sand and the beach as well. But finding our accomodations can really be tough coz we have to find Myrtle Beach hotel that would satisfy our wants and needs. I must say that I'm very particular of our accomodations coz I want us to have a very relaxing and comfortable room during our stay but of course that's right within our budget.

Surely there a bunch of resorts in Myrtle Beach that offers different kinds of activities and specials. But what I am looking for is a whole new experience for me, and that is try and play golf! At there are available golf packages that meets every golfer's needs. I must say that I got really excited just thinking I would be able to play golf for the first time.

Having a vacation with your loved ones required a lot of planning and preparation. Sometimes it's exciting to go into a vacation on an impulse but it's more rewarding and memorable if we plan ahead of time. We can be guaranteed of only the best memories if shared with the people that we love. Spending time at the beach is one way of releasing stress and relaxing so go and make a reservation now for your best beach vacation ever!

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