I got the scare of my life when two weeks I catched Hannah on the way upstairs without any supervision from her baby sitter! I scolded Ness for not watching on Hannah when she was the one whose in charge on taking care of my daughter. Ever since Hannah became two years old, she has become so naughty and out of control sometimes. Our stairs is so steep that anytime, if a child is unsupervised, be it Hannah, Adriel or Dana, they can bump their head and fall without us knowing it. So to protect the safety of the kids, I decided to baby proof our house by securing a Baby Gate on both up and down stairs. Besides the Pressure Gates, I am also thinking on using Pet Gates in case the kids want to play without any disturbance from the family pet.

Using Baby Gates are really important once you have kids in the house. We don't have access to them 24 hours a day, we may never know what will happen in the short time that we left them alone especially if there were stairs. Now that I am purchasing baby gates for the kids, I can have some peace of mind knowing that my daughter, niece and nephew are well protected inside our home.

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    MaRie's my NaMe... Hello Stranger if your here your awsome !!! ^______^ said...

    I remember one time I went to the inlaws when my daughter was 1 and my mother-in-law thought it would be a good idea to let my baby learn to climb stairs...needless to say...not a good idea...so she finally agreed that I should put the child gates that I brought up around the house. It's crazy to me when parents don't have child gates to keep their children safe. It got a bunch at http://www.simplybabyfurniture.com/nursery-accessories-safety-gates.html and put them up at every doorway of "forbidden baby zones" and top of stairs and bottom of stairs and I even created a full play coral with toys inside for when I needed to clean-up and know my baby was playing safely. I'd highly recommend that all parents get child gates that they can use at home or when they visit grandma's house!

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