Apart from making extra money from reviewing sites, I decided to try my luck this time from paid-to-click and get-paid-to sites. I just signed up from various sites that offer this services and I must admit that I'm alittle overwhelmed by the sheer volume of sites that I need to sign up. I am also currently reading and visiting blogs from those who are already making money from this hoping that I could find helpful tips and strategies since I'm a newbie. One thing that I found out about this, is that earning money online doesn’t happen overnight and if you are really serious on earning big bucks from ptc and gpt sites you should spend a tremendous amount of time on the internet strategizing and getting more referrals so that you could earn commissions. And that means visiting and leaving comments from other blogs in the hope that they would sign up.

Looks tiring huh? But I really want to try it. If others can, why cant I?

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