Most often than not, personal computer usage are being shared by multiply users in a household. Like for example in our house, our computer is shared by me, my sister and my cousins. My cousins are teenagers since their parents are abroad and since teenagers tend to become curious and unaware of the dangers of meeting strangers on the net, my aunt asked me to monitor their pc usage and strictly prohibit unneccesary websites which are not fit for them. So finding the most perfect Keylogger software to monitor their activities on the internet is a tough job to do because I really have to make sure that I will be successful on stopping unusual activities they might be having when they are using the computer alone.

By installing this personal computer monitor, all activities done on our computer will be easily monitored, from keystroke recording, chat and screenshot history, I can be assured if what my cousins have been telling me of what they were doing on the internet for countless numbers of hours are true or not and I can have peace of mind as well as my aunt and uncle back in the States.

And since I am not in our house 24hrs a day and my daughter’s been in the care of a babysitter for almost two years, I am also thinking of installing a hidden nanny camera to monitor my daughter’s nanny’s activities in our home when I am at work. My main concern is the welfare of my daughter when I’m not at home and I just wanna make sure that my daughter’s been well taken cared of and is safe at our very own home.

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