One of the reasons we, as parents work hard, is to provide our children the best possible Education that we could give them. My most ultimate dream for Hannah is for her to be able to graduate with a college degree under her belt. If possible, I want her to become a nurse so a very good nursing school is a must for her to get the best specialized skills which she will use in the future. I found out when I was reading The Chronicle, that there's this university that offers comprehensive nursing program in order for the students to gain specialized skills and broaden their knowledge as they enroll the course. This school is the Walden University in Minnesota. The many opportunities to learn are just overwhleming as they also offer online degree programs for adults that wishes to continue their studies as they work. How I wish I could make Hannah enter such a prestigious university!

Entering college is one exciting endevour that each of us has to take. But college life is not at all a bed of roses. Students need to complete their college education to find a better job and better pay after they graduate. I wish all parents prioritize their children's education as it will surely benefit them when the time comes that their children earns their college degree.

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