Guest post by Jewel Cole

Grocery shopping can be extremely expensive. Especially when trying to feed a large family. I used to be one of those people that really didn't think cutting coupons could help save a large amount of money. I've definitely realized that I was wrong. I'm now using coupons to buy just about everything. The process definitely takes a good deal of time, but the money saved is well worth it. There are some great websites available through my hughes net satellite internet service that make printing out or downloading coupons a very simple process. One coupon site that I use almost every time I go to the store is RedPlum. This site offers great deals on just about everything you could possibly be buying at the Grocery Store.

Before heading to the store, I always make a list of what items I need to buy. I then use my wireless internet service to look at what items are on sale this week. I then make a list of any item that I should get because of the great price cut. Since I usually shop at the same grocery store, I then look over the weekly flyer and try to find what items I can stack coupons on. I usually spend close to an hour getting my discount coupons ready, but the money I save makes up for that time and pays for my high speed internet New York.

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