Whenever there's a co-worker of mine that has an offshore assignment in the US, we never fail to buy something online so we could ship it on his place of stay and later get it from him when he comes home after his business trip. The reason was that, shipping is much cheaper and most importantly there really are a lot of varieties we could choose on the item that we like. Take for example my co-worker who loves to wear cowboy boots. He says, he could never find the type of old gringo shoes that he likes here. So when he searched online for that particular shoes that he likes and found it, he quickly bought it online and had it shipped at my co-worker's hotel where he stayed.

I also remembered one time talking about this particular shoes that another co-worker of mine bought in the US and that is the timberland earthkeeper which he said he used when they went hiking and enthusiastically went on to tell how durable it was and was so at ease that it didn't even hurt his foot while walking. Another brand of shoes that's quite popular from my male co-workers to wear is the sebago shoes which is great on the office since they said it's very comfortable and made of high quality leather.

Till now, I haven't heard anyone from my male co-workers where they regret buying men's shoes in the US. They said besides the quality, the one thing they love about this shoes are comfort and flexibility. True indeed, since I also bought one last July and just got it from my co-worker last month!

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