Aargh! I'm having stressful moments at work right now that I just want to disappear for awhile and go some place where I just won't think of anything, just relax and breathe some fresh air. Interestingly, Hannah has been telling me if we could go to the beach and swim. Might as well grant her request since I've been wanting to take a vacation for the longest time. I just don't know where to go, where all of my requirements for a good beach vacation might come true. But after scouting for numerous sites, I found about http://www.grandeshores.com and got so excited by their magnificent views of the beach from your hotel room! That is one of the things I love when waking up in the morning. Staring at the tranquility of the beach as I watch it from my window.

Too bad I'm currently in the Philippines right now but my sister and her husband in the US are avid travellers and enjoy the beach as well. They've also been scouting for possible next beach vacation on the South Carolina area and wanted to find an affordable Myrtle Beach Hotel for their accomodation. My brother-in-law also wants to try some golf while my sister and their daughter enjoy the sands on the beach. Might as well tell them about Myrtle Beach vacation deals I found on the net! I'm sure they'll gonna love it!

Working hard sometimes could take a toll on us and leave our body bad and bruised. So it's important to give us the much needed break that we deserve. Besides, the one's who will benefit by having a vacation is our family. They would surely appreciate it if we could just take the time and take them to an unforgettable beach vacation ever.

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