I've been wanting to join extracurricular activities in our company but since hectic schedule and expedite orders from manufacturing always get in the way, I always halt this plan for the longest time. But when I saw in our company bulletin board that there will be an upcoming marathon event which will help the restoration of Pasig River and the environment, I told myself that I gotta reserve for a slot for this which will happen on October 10, 2010(that's why this event is titled 10.10.10 Run for Pasig River). Everywhere I go, I always see the flyer for this on our company bulletin boards so it just means I really need to run for this cause. Better reserve for the remaining slots because this is only limited for a number of persons.

Anyway, the use of bulletin board as a tool to keep people on a certain company informed about what's happening or any upcoming events has been very useful for us, employees because in that way we are aware of what the management wants to impart to us. There's no way I'm gonna know about the run for Pasig River if it was not posted on our bulletin board. Just like what school bulletin boards are, it's a very useful addition on schools for the students to leave public messages and information about school activities. The use of bulletin board indeed is one good service for employees and students alike.

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