Just checked my blog and I found out that I will celebrate 3 years of blogging this Friday November 5! Wow, how time quickly flies! I'm so grateful that blogging existed coz it's my one way of escaping work related stress by writing here. I just hope I'm gonna continue to write here and update you guys about me and my family. Maintaining a blog is not so easy, it requires hard work and dedication especially if you want to earn by blogging. I suggest if you wanna earn online to keep your blog updated and visit other blogs too to build traffic on your site.

Cheers to my blog and cheers to my frequent visitors here! Oh, I got carried away! It's still a week to go..ha ha!!!

Author: Dorsey Velasquez

I love watching Dora the Explorer on our satellite television from http://www.directstartv.com/directv/directv_installation_included.html with my two year old daughter. It just amazes me to see how much she is learning when she watches this show. She will talk to the tv saying things like, "Swiper no swiping." She knows exactly what is going on during the entire show. This show is very educational for her. They talk in English, but they also say several things in Spanish. I have noticed that she is picking up on her basic Spanish already. It is really cool to listen to her say a few things in this new language. I am excited that she can learn so much from a show on television. They also do colors, shapes, and things like up and down. She is really getting a lot out of this show. When the theme song comes on, she goes running into the room really excited to know that her favorite show is on television. Lucky for her, I don't mind sitting down to watch this one with her and have a little bit of time for just us.

Guest post from: Steve Delaney

Meeting up with my friends after school and going to haunted houses on Halloween is one of my favorite things to do. We all dress up at my house and then off on an hour drive to the scariest haunted houses we can find. This year I am dressing up as Britney Spears and I am super excited. We all have little brothers or sisters so we hang out with them for an hour or so before we head off and we take them trick or treating in our local neighborhoods. The kids are always so cute in their halloween costumes and we love seeing which kid can get the most candy. We usually stop off somewhere to eat on our way to haunted houses and stuff our faces full til we cannot eat any more. Even though we are always tired after being scared so much in the haunted houses we still always come back to my house and watch a scary movie on the tv we got after comparing directv versus cable companies. I think it is pretty safe to say that out of all the holidays of each year our favorite is Halloween. Even after we all graduate highschool I hope that we continue to get together on Halloween and go to haunted houses and then come home to watch a scary movie.

As a homeowner, I’ve been trying ways to save money on our electricity and water consumption so that I can manage more our monthly budget. I’ve already cut our electricity bill by limiting the use of our household appliances such as tv and microwave oven so now I am thinking of using a rain water barrel to reduce our water bill because rainwater is free unlike water that our municipality provides. Rain barrel system is now becoming popular for homeowners like me in order to conserve water for use on watering plants or garden. Basically installing rain barrels require simple installation so it won’t be any problem if you have doubts on using one. But if you plan on buying rain barrels for sale but still not sure how to use, there are instructions online which are a great help for starters on rain harvesting.

Lastly just remember the use of rain water barrels can greatly benefit our environment since it is all natural and chemical free. Aside from the advantage of using it for free thus providing additional savings, you can help by reducing water pollution on our rivers and conserving one of our most valuable resources. So help save our environment by using this effective water system on your home!

When you talk about the sport golf, one of the first thing that most people think is that it's an expensive sport to take. Let's face it, the equipments and accessories alone are not cheap but if you're really sure on playing golf and it's really what you want then you have to be prepared to spend and learn because it's not that easy as it seems. I am one of those who wish to learn to play golf sometime and tee on an actual golf course. But I still have a long way to go.

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The key here to master the game, is practice and practice more. So grab your golf clubs now, and book your golf reservation the earlier the better to enjoy the best deals available, before you know it, you've now become a pro and ready to play with other golf lovers out there.

My brother whose a seafarer recently just had his vacation 5 months ago and he never fails to give us presents when he comes home. Just like his last vacation, he gave Hannah a talking doll which my daughter absolutely loved! While I received a perfume as well as my sister and mom. So when it's about time for him to report for work after his vacation, me and my sister always give him something to take with him that he can use when he returns on the ship. We do this in return for all the favor that he gives us everytime he comes home.

Before he departed for his scheduled flight last July, about 2 weeks before, he told us that his next destination will include Alaska as one of their itineraries so I had this idea to buy him one of those woolrich jackets I see that can be used during the winter season. I thought it would certainly help him beat the cold weather when they reach that place. Anyway, I asked my sister what would she give my brother before he leaves, and she said she would buy him a levis 501 since my brother likes wearing Levis when it's their off and they would stroll around the area after their work. It's his favorite jeans since it's very comfortable to wear, that's what she found out when she asked him what he wanted from her to buy for him.

I guess my brother like what we gave him since he gushed how comfortable the jacket and jeans are when he called just a few days after he arrived at the ship. We were so happy that he did liked it! Mission accomplished!

Our much awaited swimming with our family and co-workers at last pushed through last Saturday Oct.23, 2010 at Hidden Vega Resort at Gen. Trias Cavite. We rented a private pool for P4,500 for whole day and we all had a blast with games for adults and kids, singing and lots of eating. We also had food takeout with everyone of us going home with a food at hand. Hannah enjoyed the pool as well as the other kids while I particularly liked the grilled liempo and spaghetti but overall, all the food we ate were just so delicious! Here are some of our pics at the get together...

One of the hardest subjects any student has to take is math. You got to admit that when you were still studying, you faced tough Math questions or has either solved Prime numbers problem, trigonometric or algebraic formulas during your highschool or college days. Any student certainly had a big sigh of relief once they passed their math subject and that includes me!

This days however it is much easier for students to pass their math subject due to numerous help they get from online tutors from Geometry help to Physics help, they would get personalized one-on-one private tutoring at the comfort of their own home plus 24/7 online help from a live tutor when they want to find solution to a complex math problem. Students can also seek Chemistry help and Chemistry homework help for students whose struggling understanding this particular math subject.

So if you want your kids to enrich their math abilities and excel at school at the same time, subscribe now to enjoy unlimited tutoring and see the difference on your children's confidence once they solve math problems with the help of online tutoring.

If you are an online gaming enthusiast, playing in a secure and trusted site for your gaming needs is a must since we all know how scam sites and hackers are taking every opportunity to victimize unsuspected online players of their money and identity as well. Good thing that there are review sites for possible gaming site of your choice to play. Take for example when playing online pokies, players now can find high quality sites to play without the hassle of thinking if it was safe or not. Another good news is that there's such thing as playing free pokies without the need to signup and deposit any money just to play. In that way, you can try first different free online pokies and would be able to choose what you like best in the end.

Just remember that playing online games comes with a sense of responsibility. Just play within your limits and never overdo it. You still have a life outside your hobby and the important thing to remember is don't make it your life that you would neglect your family in the end. My advise is play with caution and always be careful when trusting the gaming site of your choice. Goodluck!

Me and my co-workers will be having a swimming this Saturday at a private swimming pool at Hidden Vega Resort in Cavite. This is basically a family day where we will spend it together with our family and we'll bring foods to cook and have some games for the kids and adults too. I'll bring Hannah and Ness but I'm still thinking if I will bring Adriel since he just got sick a few days ago though he's ok now.

This type of activity is good for those who are working like us since being in a company for five times a week that eats most of our time can be stressful and tiresome and we sometimes neglect some quality time with our family. This Saturday, we can have a whole day of fun filled activities with our family! Hope it won't rain this Saturday not to spoil our pending swimming... fingers crossed!

I always wanted to attend a movie premiere, but I have second thoughts in the end due to the expected crowds that will for sure come at the premiere. Like when the movie "Miss You Like Crazy" by John Llloyd and Bea had a movie premiere months ago, I had some co-workers who actually went at the premiere and told me that it was fortunate that there are police and security present at that time for crowd control because there are already people who were being unruly at that time. They were behind the barricades were the celebrities were about to enter and people were starting pushing and shoving especially when the stars finally arrived. The crowd went wild and some leaped over the stanchions and velvet rope to shake hands with the celebrities. Good thing that security personnel were alert and pacified the crowd before things went out of hand.

In the end, the movie premiere went ahead without a glitch and they excitedly shared with me behind the scene stories not caught on cam. I somehow got jelous for not coming with them but made a promise to myself that when another opprtunity comes I will definitely grab the chance so as to get a glimpse of my favorite celebrities in person.

In order to successfully run a business, entrepreneurs are now constructing websites of their own to widen their market by means of the internet. In that way, clients can easily reach them and gets updated by current sales or new products offered. But sometimes, creating a website and finding a good webhosting solution can be quite tasking with all those sites offering and promising better plans and options for prospective clients. The important thing I guess is to remember what are the basic needs and appropriate requirements needed to run a website.

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Post contributed by Amanda Alvarez

I know it may be a little silly but I am absolutely in love with the Ronald McDonald cartoon movies. Several years ago they came out with a series of them that you could purchase at any McDonalds. Now you can watch them on the satellite television from www.direct.tv when the Halloween season gets near.

The Halloween McDonalds episode is a sing-along. It may not be something to brag about my I can sing nearly every word to the songs even though I've long grown up since the film came out. It's a little bit scary at times and as a film for children it incorporates a lot of important life lessons.

There's a house that appears to be haunted that Ronald and his friends must enter to seek shelter from the storm. There's a young boy inside who is a whiz and technology and has created a dangerous obstacle course for Ronald and his friends. They make it through by being creative and answering riddles correctly. In the end they make the rebel whiz kid their friend and it seems he only felt alone and needed people to spend time with. It's difficult to live in a secluded house only with your father and when everyone is afraid of it. He could use his skills in technology for many other beneficial things and that's what he intends to do after seeing that he simply has to show kindness to others to get it in return.

When I was still a student, I remembered bringing all of my books and notebooks every single day five times a week. I was having such a hard time carrying all of my belongings with only a backpack to use during my daily commute, especially when it rained, I remembered going home with my books all soaked up. So it just had me thinking how lucky it were for the students nowadays that they have their own Lockers to use. Well unlike before during the time I was studying, there are now numerous Lockers for sale which has now became a part of a school necessity to better serve students and teachers alike.

I just thought about it when I went at my cousin's school two weeks ago to pick up her report card. I saw this School Lockers across the hallway where students are getting ready for their next subject. My cousin just told me to go ahead and talk to her teacher because she still has to go to her Gym Locker to change into her P.E. uniform, I was really surprised that they have two lockers on their school! Well anyway, after I got her report card, I then proceeded to the gym where my cousin was to say goodbye. As I passed the next building where the shortcut was, I now saw this Wood Lockers lining up the corridor and immediately thought that those were for school employees and teachers. I can't help but admire how the school's taking care of their students, teachers and employees by providing them one of their basic needs in school.

I only have two hobbies when I am not at work, that is using the internet to surf or read and watch pinoy 24 tv. If I am not watching tv, I am just on my laptop trying to earn some extra money and when I want to take a break, I surf or read just about anything that interests me from learning new things to one of my favorite news to read which is celebrity news. Like recently, I read about HUD apartments for rent which I don't know about, that is basically for low income people who cannot afford a big apartment rent. The housing agency will offer them a decent home in a safe environment and what they would do is just apply and hope they qualify to rent the subsidized apartments. This is a great program to help the financially challenged people in the US.

Now about the celebrity news I didn't knew is about this female celebs that went under the knife and undergone breast implants. I am not really a fan of plastic surgery but I understand them for undergoing such procedures as it would make them more attractive and more popular. Celebrities like Britney Spears and Jennifer Love Hewitt were rumoured to have breast implants which can be seen on before and after pics which I can clearly see the difference but Jessica Simpson Breast Implants is a bit different. I honestly don't think she had surgery on her boobs. She was well endowed before and still is. I wonder what will celebrity reporters write the next time about hollywood superstars, whatever it is it will still be some kind of a news, true or not.

I've been invited to a wedding this coming November by a former classmate whom I recently reconnected via facebook and I am thrilled that I'll be able to reunite with my former classmates on this special occassion. As early as now, I am now thinking of a special gift I will give for the couple for their wedding. Since they are starting to build a home, I thought something useful at the kitchen would be a nice gift like a jk adams spice rack or a jk adams cutting board since my friend told me she's been learning how to cook in preparation for her being a soon to be housewife. Or a jk adams wine rack is another good idea to give since she once told me they would install a wine bar on their home.

Now I'm so excited to shop for my wedding present for the couple. I do enjoy shopping for gifts especially if I will be the one to wrap it. Might as well buy my present as early as possible! This coming month will be a very busy month for me with my upcoming new responsibility at work and christmas shopping for my loved ones.

I know this is a bit late, but I celebrated my 38th birthday last Sept.8 at Cebu City with my daughter and her nanny Ness. We had a blast in Cebu and though I won't be able to tell you the places we went to, I wanna share you what's the other thing I love about the place...and that is the FOOD!

Love the grilled sweet corn! And it's only P10!

Tiktilaok Honey Glazed Chicken(love the combination of honey, garlic & spices) It's so yummy!

The Famous CnT Lechon. Now I won't wonder how it'd taste... really the best tasting lechon for me to date!

At Larsian... waiting to be barbequed

...and now our order...mini-barbeques! but tasted good!

My pasalubong which I bought at Taboan Market. Longganisa & Danggit! My nanay loved it!

I just had the scare of my life yesterday when Hannah bumped into the edge of our table and hit her left eye! She had 2 small cuts just below her left eye and it bled instantly. I immediately rushed her to the emergency room of our nearby hospital and was relieved that her eye white were not affected at all! Thank God!

Now we've been cleaning her cuts with Betadyne and she's also on antibiotics for one week. I hope it would heal soon, but sad news is that we're planning on attending birthday party this Sunday and now she has this cuts on her left eye. I know for sure though, that she would still enjoy that party with all those children around. I know, Hannah's a real trooper!

Getting approved of anything from housing loan, student loan, credit cards application or car loan requires financial capacity so it is very important to maintain a good credit score so when the bank, lenders or any credit business checked your financial background, you will not be denied of your application. Maintaining a good credit score means having a good credit background such as paying on time, never missed any payment or has been delinquent. If any of this failed, chances are your credit score falls low and you’ll be having a hard time applying for any type of loan.

There are sites such as Freescore.com that can help you monitor and access your credit information so you are aware of any of your credit activities and track it if it was legal or not. Let’s face it there are hackers everywhere that can stole your personal identity, who knows if they are messing with your credit information, so it is very important to be alerted and the only way you would know about this is if you regularly monitor your credit activities.

So protect yourself by having a good credit score. By doing so, you will reap many rewards by taking care of your credit score as it would benefit you always in the end.

I had the pleasure of watching a live basketball game before and I must say that I enjoyed every minute of it! The excitement and the suspense of watching it live and experiencing the action right before your eyes was just unforgettable. Since I was able to watch a basketball game before, my dream is to be able to score new york yankees tickets and boston red sox tickets which are two of my favorite teams on professional baseball. I was able to watch their games only on ESPN and though the excitement is always there, it is still different when you’re watching it live.

My friend whose in the Tampa Bay area in Florida recently bought tampa bay rays tickets attested how intense and awesome it was watching a live baseball game. She brought along her friends and her husband and they had a wonderful time! So this time she’s planning to buy advance tampa bay rays against baltimore orioles tickets for the next season as this prized tickets are always gone in a flash. I told her it’s the right decision to purchase tickets in advance in order to get the best seats.

I accompanied my mother last weekend to check some tarps for sale at the market because she has to buy a new one since our old tarp outside our home has already been torn out due to the storm that hit our town a few months ago. Mounting a tarp really helped our newly washed laundry not get wet when rain pours when we have to placed our clothes outside to dry it out. It also helps to cover the intense heat of the sun during summer from entering our front patio.

Anyway, I've learned from the tarp vendor that there are many kinds of tarps that has different uses for our specific needs. Like if we want it outdoors to be used as patio enclosures then we have to buy the clear tarp, and if roofs are in need of repair, blue tarps are used as temporary cover. The other one is the vinyl tarps which are more stronger than the poly tarps on hotter locations. There are also available custom made tarps if we want a specific tarp size to use.

There are still many types of tarps to choose from, our main objective is to be able to buy a tough and durable tarp that can last a long time. In the end, my mother decided to buy the vinyl tarp and is now mounted outside our home pretty much doing its purpose.

My sister called the other day to say that sh'es been busy decorating their newly bought house and that she's been enjoying designing their bedroom and living room as well as putting together all the important details on their house. But the one thing that she wants to install on their house, she said, was this residential mailboxes she sees on her neighbors houses. She told us that she always looks forward on her afternoon walks around the neighborhood to get some inspiration on the decorative mailboxes that her neighbors have.

For now, she's been also researching the internet for customized address plaques to go with their mailbox outside their house. She's now having this ideas about what kind of design she wants and enthusiastically told me that she would call us as soon as this were mounted on their home! Now I'm excited to see what the finish product would be!

I had a co-worker who recently resigned from our company and she invited me on a going away party that she's having next week since she and her family will soon be moving to their hometown to start a business of their own. She told me that since her husband has been working on the food service industry as a waiter for a couple of years and she also loves to cook, they decided to venture on a restaurant business.

She said they've been busy scouting for restaurant equipment such as blenders and food processors, wasserstrom restaurant supplies and professional cookware that they will need on their new restaurant. It was really hard finding the appropriate restaurant supply that they need to buy since they also have to consider the price and at the same time the quality of the items. She confided that since they are still new and starting, every single detail such as the cost must be carefully planned.

I can't help but envy the new developments that's been happening to her. Venturing in a business is something I look forward on doing after I've resigned from my job. I really got inspired by my friend's decision to start a restaurant business and I am also hoping that I can be business owner too someday.

I'm having some problems regarding my internet connection! It's so freakin' slooow!!! Actually the one's I'm using now is not really my broadband since I let mine(SUN) be borrowed by my c-worker whose checking her signal on their place. So for the meantime I am currently using SMARTBRO( this is my cousin's broadband provider) and I am so pissed with their service! Check this, amount of data transported is only at ~ 226KB and the amount of data received is at ~ 1121KB! SMARTBRO really tests my patience and I am not pleased by this.

So currently there are pending jobs that I need to do and I cannot do it because of SMARTBRO's poor signal. Hay, I miss my SUNBRO which by the way is way better and even faster! So far I never had any problems using it.

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