Author: Dorsey Velasquez

I love watching Dora the Explorer on our satellite television from with my two year old daughter. It just amazes me to see how much she is learning when she watches this show. She will talk to the tv saying things like, "Swiper no swiping." She knows exactly what is going on during the entire show. This show is very educational for her. They talk in English, but they also say several things in Spanish. I have noticed that she is picking up on her basic Spanish already. It is really cool to listen to her say a few things in this new language. I am excited that she can learn so much from a show on television. They also do colors, shapes, and things like up and down. She is really getting a lot out of this show. When the theme song comes on, she goes running into the room really excited to know that her favorite show is on television. Lucky for her, I don't mind sitting down to watch this one with her and have a little bit of time for just us.

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