When I was still a student, I remembered bringing all of my books and notebooks every single day five times a week. I was having such a hard time carrying all of my belongings with only a backpack to use during my daily commute, especially when it rained, I remembered going home with my books all soaked up. So it just had me thinking how lucky it were for the students nowadays that they have their own Lockers to use. Well unlike before during the time I was studying, there are now numerous Lockers for sale which has now became a part of a school necessity to better serve students and teachers alike.

I just thought about it when I went at my cousin's school two weeks ago to pick up her report card. I saw this School Lockers across the hallway where students are getting ready for their next subject. My cousin just told me to go ahead and talk to her teacher because she still has to go to her Gym Locker to change into her P.E. uniform, I was really surprised that they have two lockers on their school! Well anyway, after I got her report card, I then proceeded to the gym where my cousin was to say goodbye. As I passed the next building where the shortcut was, I now saw this Wood Lockers lining up the corridor and immediately thought that those were for school employees and teachers. I can't help but admire how the school's taking care of their students, teachers and employees by providing them one of their basic needs in school.

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