I always wanted to attend a movie premiere, but I have second thoughts in the end due to the expected crowds that will for sure come at the premiere. Like when the movie "Miss You Like Crazy" by John Llloyd and Bea had a movie premiere months ago, I had some co-workers who actually went at the premiere and told me that it was fortunate that there are police and security present at that time for crowd control because there are already people who were being unruly at that time. They were behind the barricades were the celebrities were about to enter and people were starting pushing and shoving especially when the stars finally arrived. The crowd went wild and some leaped over the stanchions and velvet rope to shake hands with the celebrities. Good thing that security personnel were alert and pacified the crowd before things went out of hand.

In the end, the movie premiere went ahead without a glitch and they excitedly shared with me behind the scene stories not caught on cam. I somehow got jelous for not coming with them but made a promise to myself that when another opprtunity comes I will definitely grab the chance so as to get a glimpse of my favorite celebrities in person.

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