I only have two hobbies when I am not at work, that is using the internet to surf or read and watch pinoy 24 tv. If I am not watching tv, I am just on my laptop trying to earn some extra money and when I want to take a break, I surf or read just about anything that interests me from learning new things to one of my favorite news to read which is celebrity news. Like recently, I read about HUD apartments for rent which I don't know about, that is basically for low income people who cannot afford a big apartment rent. The housing agency will offer them a decent home in a safe environment and what they would do is just apply and hope they qualify to rent the subsidized apartments. This is a great program to help the financially challenged people in the US.

Now about the celebrity news I didn't knew is about this female celebs that went under the knife and undergone breast implants. I am not really a fan of plastic surgery but I understand them for undergoing such procedures as it would make them more attractive and more popular. Celebrities like Britney Spears and Jennifer Love Hewitt were rumoured to have breast implants which can be seen on before and after pics which I can clearly see the difference but Jessica Simpson Breast Implants is a bit different. I honestly don't think she had surgery on her boobs. She was well endowed before and still is. I wonder what will celebrity reporters write the next time about hollywood superstars, whatever it is it will still be some kind of a news, true or not.

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