Post contributed by Amanda Alvarez

I know it may be a little silly but I am absolutely in love with the Ronald McDonald cartoon movies. Several years ago they came out with a series of them that you could purchase at any McDonalds. Now you can watch them on the satellite television from when the Halloween season gets near.

The Halloween McDonalds episode is a sing-along. It may not be something to brag about my I can sing nearly every word to the songs even though I've long grown up since the film came out. It's a little bit scary at times and as a film for children it incorporates a lot of important life lessons.

There's a house that appears to be haunted that Ronald and his friends must enter to seek shelter from the storm. There's a young boy inside who is a whiz and technology and has created a dangerous obstacle course for Ronald and his friends. They make it through by being creative and answering riddles correctly. In the end they make the rebel whiz kid their friend and it seems he only felt alone and needed people to spend time with. It's difficult to live in a secluded house only with your father and when everyone is afraid of it. He could use his skills in technology for many other beneficial things and that's what he intends to do after seeing that he simply has to show kindness to others to get it in return.

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