I've been invited to a wedding this coming November by a former classmate whom I recently reconnected via facebook and I am thrilled that I'll be able to reunite with my former classmates on this special occassion. As early as now, I am now thinking of a special gift I will give for the couple for their wedding. Since they are starting to build a home, I thought something useful at the kitchen would be a nice gift like a jk adams spice rack or a jk adams cutting board since my friend told me she's been learning how to cook in preparation for her being a soon to be housewife. Or a jk adams wine rack is another good idea to give since she once told me they would install a wine bar on their home.

Now I'm so excited to shop for my wedding present for the couple. I do enjoy shopping for gifts especially if I will be the one to wrap it. Might as well buy my present as early as possible! This coming month will be a very busy month for me with my upcoming new responsibility at work and christmas shopping for my loved ones.

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