I accompanied my mother last weekend to check some tarps for sale at the market because she has to buy a new one since our old tarp outside our home has already been torn out due to the storm that hit our town a few months ago. Mounting a tarp really helped our newly washed laundry not get wet when rain pours when we have to placed our clothes outside to dry it out. It also helps to cover the intense heat of the sun during summer from entering our front patio.

Anyway, I've learned from the tarp vendor that there are many kinds of tarps that has different uses for our specific needs. Like if we want it outdoors to be used as patio enclosures then we have to buy the clear tarp, and if roofs are in need of repair, blue tarps are used as temporary cover. The other one is the vinyl tarps which are more stronger than the poly tarps on hotter locations. There are also available custom made tarps if we want a specific tarp size to use.

There are still many types of tarps to choose from, our main objective is to be able to buy a tough and durable tarp that can last a long time. In the end, my mother decided to buy the vinyl tarp and is now mounted outside our home pretty much doing its purpose.

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