My brother whose a seafarer recently just had his vacation 5 months ago and he never fails to give us presents when he comes home. Just like his last vacation, he gave Hannah a talking doll which my daughter absolutely loved! While I received a perfume as well as my sister and mom. So when it's about time for him to report for work after his vacation, me and my sister always give him something to take with him that he can use when he returns on the ship. We do this in return for all the favor that he gives us everytime he comes home.

Before he departed for his scheduled flight last July, about 2 weeks before, he told us that his next destination will include Alaska as one of their itineraries so I had this idea to buy him one of those woolrich jackets I see that can be used during the winter season. I thought it would certainly help him beat the cold weather when they reach that place. Anyway, I asked my sister what would she give my brother before he leaves, and she said she would buy him a levis 501 since my brother likes wearing Levis when it's their off and they would stroll around the area after their work. It's his favorite jeans since it's very comfortable to wear, that's what she found out when she asked him what he wanted from her to buy for him.

I guess my brother like what we gave him since he gushed how comfortable the jacket and jeans are when he called just a few days after he arrived at the ship. We were so happy that he did liked it! Mission accomplished!

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