I had a co-worker who recently resigned from our company and she invited me on a going away party that she's having next week since she and her family will soon be moving to their hometown to start a business of their own. She told me that since her husband has been working on the food service industry as a waiter for a couple of years and she also loves to cook, they decided to venture on a restaurant business.

She said they've been busy scouting for restaurant equipment such as blenders and food processors, wasserstrom restaurant supplies and professional cookware that they will need on their new restaurant. It was really hard finding the appropriate restaurant supply that they need to buy since they also have to consider the price and at the same time the quality of the items. She confided that since they are still new and starting, every single detail such as the cost must be carefully planned.

I can't help but envy the new developments that's been happening to her. Venturing in a business is something I look forward on doing after I've resigned from my job. I really got inspired by my friend's decision to start a restaurant business and I am also hoping that I can be business owner too someday.

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