Thanks for the guest post by Ruby Todd

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time in our family, we all gather at an alternating family members home each year to get our fill of the traditional Thanksgiving feast. Every year one thing remains constant and that is our love of a movie called “Home for the Holidays,” a movie that has become just as much of a tradition as the turkey has. After filling our faces with more food than we really should have, we all gather around the TV and wait for our Satellite provider that we got after looking up Cable TV vs Satellite TV, to air the movie.

The movie centers on Claudia Larson played by Holly Hunter who is a single mom who right before Thanksgiving gets fired from her job as an art restorer. Claudia decided to go home for the holiday while her only child Kit decides to stay home and spend the holiday with her boyfriend. Right before Claudia gets on a plane Kit informs her she is going to have sex with her boyfriend sending Claudia's already fragile emotions spinning out of control.

Other cast members include Claudia's out of control brother Tommy played by Robert Downey Jr. who goes out of his way to constantly irritate their older and very conservative sister Joanne played by Cynthia Stevenson.

Tommy brings home Leo played by Dylan McDermott to meet Claudia only she believed he is with Tommy. As is turns out Tommy had married his long-term boyfriend and when Claudia boards a plane to head home Leo shows up on the plane and goes with her.

The movie is just filled with hectic family drama that emulates a lot of our family issues we have faced in the past and is just a fun filled movie that keeps us entertained over and over again.

This Christmas I decided to buy myself a pair of women's shoes as a gift of my hard work from blogging. I really wanted to buy a pair of ballerina flats since my last flats has worn out a few months ago. Flats are very comfortable to wear which are the best kinds of shoes to wear at work, most of all it doesn't need socks when wearing. It is definitely the most suitable shoes on the go that is also comfortable and stylish that can be best worn on jeans and shorts.

I have several pairs of ballet flats that I had worn on my various travels and I can say that it is the type of shoe I would wear on most days because of comfort and style. But if I have to go to the gym or just have a morning jog around the neighborhood, I always wear my ever dependable sneakers. I have two pairs that I alternately use so it won't worn out quickly. But I must admit that when I saw this very cute Adidas sneakers at the mall, I wanted to buy it right there and then! Fortunately we'll have our company bonus this December, so adding the sneakers on my wish list won't hurt my pocket a lot.

I have various videos stored on my Samsung Phone and since it already takes too much storage on my phone, I decided to save it on my laptop so that I can free up some space on my phone. So I saved it on my laptop and invited my mom and cousins to view some of the videos I took of Hannah but it turned out we cannot view it because it has a different format on my laptop. I don't know what to do so I asked my co-worker how can I view my cellphone videos which by the way has an mp4 format on my laptop that has an mpeg format. He advised me to download a Video Converter software so I can successfully view and hear all video and audio formats. He also got a Video Converter for Mac and told me how easy it is to just download it and several sites offer free and affordable video converters of your choice.

You can use this video converter for your phone, media players, laptop and even an iPad Video Converter is also now available. Talk about the many possibilities you can get from having a video converter! I am now on the process of reviewing which video converter to download so my family can now see the many videos I took of Hannah. They really can't wait so I have to hurry up!

If you're thinking of what kind of investment will surely make you more money then there's Stock Trading that's always what comes to mind. Stock trading has been existing for years that has made a lot of people rich, be it ordinary people with day jobs or retirees who holds IRA Accounts. With the right kind of strategy and solid investment planning, there's no way you could lose money on this. And because of modern technology that is the internet, Online Trading has become beneficial to those who wants to invest because you only need a computer and the internet and a trustworthy Online Broker to help you achieve your goal. This online broker of your choice will help you decide and strategize when buying and selling stocks online.

What's also good about this kind of investment is that wherever you are, you can track your transactions any day and when you don't have access on the internet another option is Mobile Trading where you can monitor your account any time of the day by the use of your phone. There are endless possibilities when you choose to trade online. So give it a thought and start investing your hard earned money wisely.

When I started to learn how to drive a car, it was only recently that I've discovered that there are a lot of aspects to choose when buying the right car of your own. The first thing that comes up when planning to buy a car is if you would like it brand new or used. Of course you would save a lot if you choose a used car but if you want lesser maintenance and you have the money to spend on let's say a brand new Escalade or a Volvo C70, then why not? But if you have a specified budget then it won't hurt you to buy less expensive cars that has the features that you will need.

Another important factor to consider is the car's reliability and safety aspects that can protect you and your family when driving. There are a lot of car manufacturers that offer advanced safety features like the Hyundai Tucson to avoid accidents along the way. Whatever you choose, it is important to also check reviews about a particular wiki cars to know more about the model or brand that you'd like to buy so you can get the most of your money to spend on the car of your choice.

We went at Enchanted Kingdom in Sta. Rosa Laguna last Saturday with my sister, her kids, nannies, Jerome, Kero and of course Hannah. It was already 3 or 4 years ago since the last time I last visited the park and what can I say, there's still a lot of people going there! We arrived at almost 11AM and there were already a swarm full of people at the entrance. The weather too was insane coz it was too hot! I am particularly concerned with the kids coz of this. I constantly reminded Ness to check Hannah's back and wipe it towel coz she constantly perspire. Actually not only the kids but all of us as well.

I also got annoyed with lots of people lining up on one particular ride. You wouldn't find one single ride where there's no people lining up. When we decided to try Jungle Log Jam, we lined up for 1 hour! but it was all worth it! The rides are all awesome!

Guest post written by Ida Clark

I really wish that I had bought a crock pot years ago. I put it off for the longest time becuase I thought that it was cheating on cooking. Actually I think that my mom mentioned it to me noce that it was cheating and so that's how I got it stuck in my head. But really my crock pot has been a lifesaver for me and I've decided that I'm going to the use the tools that I have for Thanksgiving this year and be sure to use it too.

I wanted to make sure to find a few recipes that I could pick from to use to make in my crockpot, so I did a whole bunch of researching for that with my clear wimax pittsburgh. I found all kinds of stuff, so I had a tougher time checking to see which one would be best to use since I only have one crock pot.

I finally decided to fix some slow cooked candied sweetpotatoes because I think that will make them even more candied.

My aunt and uncle from Cabanatuan City recently paid a visit to our family and my mother was very happy to see them since it was like years after they last saw each other. My aunt has this shop at their hometown where she and her husband installs home curtains from house to house and they had pictures with them of actual clients who got their service. We were impressed by the classy yet cozy feel on each home by the decorative curtains with its own unique design mounted on every window.

They had with them ready made curtains that can be installed immediately, so my mother decided to have our very own curtains for our window. My uncle and his assistant, worked instantly on our living room's window and after a few hours it was already finished. We were really satisfied with the finished product as it was styled with a sophisticated drape in the middle. Now our living room looks more cozy and comfortable with the newly installed curtain on our living room!

It was an exciting day yesterday when Manny "The Pacman" Pacquaio had a boxing fight against Antonio Margarito of Mexico. On the way to the celebration of the christening of my cousin's son, we were glued on the radio of our car to keep updated of the fight. From the first round up to the last, Manny clearly won against the Mexican. Manny beat Margarito so bad it left him with a swollen face! We did not see the actual fight until we got home in the afternoon where it was broadcast(late) by GMA 7. Before we got home, we already knew who won, but the telecast on GMA 7 was only starting at Round 1 because of the countless ads shown on the station!

Anyway, we didn't even bothered watching the fight till the end coz we don't wanna get pissed by GMA 7's coverage. Besides, there's always youtube to watch it later.

I so love shopping clothes for my little girl! Everytime I go to the mall, I'd always end up buying a nice dress or a cute top for Hannah. It has become a sort of a stress reliever hobby for me coz I really get the satisfaction of seeing my daughter dressed up beautifully on the clothes that I bought. Plus getting compliments from my friends, family or even people that I don't know with regards to how cute my daughter always dresses, does flatter me a lot.

This coming holidays, I am now getting excited to shop for girls clothing as there will be lots of bargains and sales as the malls will surely offer discounts for customers in time for the giving of company bonuses and 13th month pays. As early as the first week of November, I'd seen lots of mall sales but haven't really bought anything yet. But I am now thinking of buying Hannah's Christmas dress as early as now to avoid a swarm of people going to the mall for last minute shopping. So I'm gonna hit the mall this weekend to shop for Hannah's Christmas outfit this holidays!

Decorating your home requires skills and passion to make it look nice and beautiful in the eyes of your guests. For one, it is really up to the homeowner, what type of decoration he wants to apply in his own home. It is a matter of personal taste so to speak. But do you know that adding flowers and plants will make your home more lively and appealing and can certainly create a natural look around your home? Unlike other decorations you want for your home, using plants does not need to be so hard to put up as it can also be placed outside for your garden or front porch.

Nowadays, there are several available planters for all your plants to put in, such as plastic, wood or fiberglass planters to choose from that will depend on what type of material you would need. Personally, I would prefer a fiberglass planter as it is a much superior product and is more durable than let’s say a terra cota planter. The use of fiber glass planters has become more popular over the years because of its efficiency and flexibility even during the worst weather conditions. So for all your planting needs, use a fiber glass planter that could last a lifetime for your home.

The use of modern technology such as the internet and cellphones certainly paved the way for singles out there to know and meet each other easily. Unlike before, it was often hard to find a match for singles due to the fact that there was only limited ways to communicate with each other. But thank goodness, because of technology this days, not only you can find a lot of single people also looking for friendship or dating, you can also find on the web tips and guides about dating and how to effectively woo a girl or a guy.

This days a guy called as a pick up artist, helps othey guys about tricks on how to attract different kinds of women while the art of seduction is also being taught to successfully get the woman they want. Let's face it, there are still a lot of guys who needs proper skills with regards to socializing with women such as how to text a girl or how take her out on a date. Getting this help will certainly improve their romantic abilities with women and give them an edge with othey guys. Just take your chance on the dating scene. Who knows if you'll be able to find a match just right for you.

I was really having a hard time showering in the morning the past few weeks because our handheld shower head was not working anymore. I don't know what happened, one day there was too little water coming out of it till it came to a point that nobody was using it anymore because of its inefficiency. So my mother suggested to replace it since we've been using it like forever and already not doing its purpose so now is the right time to look for new shower heads.

So last weekend we went at the mall to shop for a shower head and it's really not so easy, mind you. Apparently, there are so many designs of handheld shower heads to choose which will basically depend on what you need. But we definitely know what we need and that is the ones with low pressure shower heads that gives a more powerful and stronger shower with different levels of adjustable sprays. We wanted one that can make our shower experience as pleasurable and comfortable as possible. In the end, we were happy with our purchase of a handheld shower head! Now I can always look forward on my morning shower everyday!

This November, there were a lot of activities that I have to attend to which consists of a birthday, reunions, Thanksgiving and Christmas parties. I will be very busy starting this week, starting from my mother and cousin's birthday on Nov.13. Then next week we're planning on going at Enchanted Kingdom, then a reunion with my college classmates will also take place next week. I am not sure though if I will be going. One thing is sure though, I will be going to Divisoria this November for my Christmas shopping, ha ha!

Anyway, a Thanksgiving party is also in the works which will happen on the 27th at Laguna. My co-workers says that it will be an overnight party so I am also not sure if I'll be able to go since it's very far. Then by Dec.10, our company Christmas Party will be held on company grounds so I'm kinda excited about it.

Whew, lots of things to do! Hope I'll get to make a story about all of this soon!

Guest post written by Jimmy Farrow

I haven't really been much of a reader until lately once I retired. But now I'm using all this free time that I couldn't even dream of having before on reading some of the classics that I missed out on during all that time. I thought that I would read some spooky stuff during the month of October for Halloween as a special treat.

So I went online to try and order some scary classic books for me to read. When I was doing that I saw an offer for some wireless internet service that I decided to click now and go ahead and sign up for it.

I ended up buying the horror classic of "Dracula". I had heard a long time ago that it's kind of a hard read now and I believe it. ItÕs definitely no Twilight book. ThatÕs for sure. But thatÕs why I like it even more. I think that all these people obsessed with vampires now owe it to Bram Stoker to read the original.

Last Nov.3, our department launched the opening ceremonies for the yearly Sportsfest where different sports activities will take place during the month like basketball, volleyball as well as indoor games such as chess, table tennis and dart. For the not so sports minded like me, we were encouraged to join the Fun Run, a 3k marathon that took place at the business park where our company was located.

So I joined the Fun Run together with my friends/co-workers and it was sure not easy as it looked! Well for the most part, I just walked coz I got easily tired and my body especially my legs were already in pain. But I did finish it, though it took me a long time after I crossed the finish line. After that, we were given water and a sandwich which I took the liberty on eating for less than a minute, ha ha!!

Will I ever join another fun run or marathon again? Hmm, I guess not, but I am just happy that at least I got to try it, right?

My sister who now has a house of her own, recently bought different home appliances and furnitures to go with her home decoration. She excitedly told me that she got this wooden adirondack chairs to be placed outside their home so when they have guests, they will feel comfortable seating and enjoy themselves. And besides the wall decors and plants that she bought, she also had utility sinks mounted on their backyard so that when some of our family members visited them and wants to have some barbeque, which by the way already has become sort of a get together for them once in a while, they can easily use it to wash their hands or clean the dishes instead of going inside and use the kitchen sink. I applauded her for what she bought can be very useful on her home.

She also confided to me that she is planning to buy a butcher block table for her kitchen, and I was kinda confused because it was the first time I heard of something like that. She said that a butcher block is a style of assembled hardwood used mainly as heavy duty chopping blocks and cutting boards. Since she's cooking a lot for her family, owning one can be a big help when she uses it for her cooking. For now, she's still looking for the one that will best fit her taste and of course her budget.

Getting out of debt or loan can be very hard to achieve especially if you owe on not only one credit card or loan company. Due to financial crisis, a lot of people have difficulties on paying off their debts which made it seem to be hopeless on getting out of this unfortunate situation. But the good news is, debt consolidation is being offered to assist individuals and their families through their financial situation in order to guide them of proper money management and get them out of debt quickly. With the right credit counseling services, your financial situation will be evaluated, and in that way you will be properly managed by helpful and expert credit counselor that will later establish what plan best fits upon your needs.

With the right education about debt management and how to best shape up your current financial position and of course getting help and guidance from debt consolidation companies, surely your credit standing will greatly improve in to time at all! So don’t wait until you will have no option left except to file for banckrupcy, consolidate your debt and you’ll have piece of mind in the end!

As we grow older there are tendencies that we feel a little weak or have bone or joint pains from time to time. This is because our health does not always become a priority that we neglected it until we become sick. Let's face it, not all of us are always healthy, eating unhealthy foods and a poor lifestyle greatly contributes why there are people with heart problems such as hypertension and are also the causes why obesity exists.

Changing your personal eating habits can be done and is not impossible to do. Eating a balanced diet and removing vices can work wonders for you. Also, using vitamins and supplements can make you strong and also prevent sickness. A highly potent purifier which can provide many benefits on our health is known as Oregano oil. Mixing it with the preferred dosage can fight off skin infections and strengthen the immune system. Another important vitamin to take is the ones rich in Vitamin D such as the Bio D-Mulsion for the maintenance of healthy bones and to reduce the risk of autoimmune diseases.

There's still more to experience the beauty of life. Do not wait for you to get sick and regret it in the end. So start doing something by taking charge of your health!

Finding your dream house requires a lot of patience and research, since it will be your own money that you're going to spend, it is very important to look for reputable real estate agent that will help you realize your dream come true and not dupe you of low quality homes made of cheap materials. Let's face it, there are bogus real estate companies whose only after your money, so it is strongly advised to know your chosen agent's company very carefully and their track record on dealing with clients.

This is what my friend and her husband, whose based on Dallas Texas, found out when they decided to purchase the home of their dreams. After scouting at Dallas Real Estate market to find affordable homes that's within their reach, a helpful Dallas Homes For Sale search system provided them what's available on the market, its price and locations. A friendly customer service staff also helps them with all their queries regarding Dallas Homes for Sale so all their concerns were properly addressed. She was just so glad to find so many houses for sale that they could choose from. She said, they were now on the process oftalking to a real estate agent and visiting some of the houses for sale and who knows before the year ends they're going to have their own house! That's gonna be so exciting!

Hannah spent her trick or treat first at SM MOA where she was joined by Light Cydric(our neighbor) and though we only had a brief stay there, we all enjoyed going at MOA since we saw how the children dressed for the Halloween. After that, we went at SM Bacoor this time so Hannah can spend her treat or treat with her cousins Dana and Adriel. They look so cute with their Halloween costumes and we can see how passersby react and smiled when they look at them. I got so tired going to two malls but it was worth it when I realized how the kids enjoyed the company of each other...

With everyone using a computer, it is very important to get updated and informed about the new available system applications and technology services being offered. Especially if you have an internet business, a business professional who wants to get ahead or simply an individual who wants to get hired as a network technician, getting training and certification courses will help you learn about the world of networking.

There are numerous available training and certification courses available with extensive programs being offered all over the world, just like if you're in the USA and in Chicago area, you can find Chicago CCNA courses that you can enroll and get certified or if you're located at San Diego and is interested, you can enroll for a San Diego CCNA course there. You can rest assure that Cisco certified products are being taught there and only the well experienced instructors are hired for your chosen course. For other Cisco courses, you can find it as well at Virginia Cisco Course and Virginia MCITP or other states nearby such as Ohio or New Jersey. So give yourself a boost on your IT career and get extensive training and enroll now!

Saving up your hard earned money can have many benefits like you can invest it on countless different ways from opening a business to buying a franchise or buying and selling gold bullion if you want a long term effect on making sure money. This type of investment of buying and selling bullion has been proven to be the most recommended form of investment as gold's value continue to rise with weaken stocks and inflation as a result of today's economic crisis being experienced all over the world.

If you want to buy gold bullion and wishes to make profit from it, you must first learn the ropes of gold trading. Researching and asking questions and advise from gold experts can help you become familiarize with what type of gold you want to invest with, whether to buy bullion or coins will be up to you. Gold investment is simply the smart choice of people who want to make a huge return of their money just like those holding a gold IRA account for their retirement purposes.

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