I so love shopping clothes for my little girl! Everytime I go to the mall, I'd always end up buying a nice dress or a cute top for Hannah. It has become a sort of a stress reliever hobby for me coz I really get the satisfaction of seeing my daughter dressed up beautifully on the clothes that I bought. Plus getting compliments from my friends, family or even people that I don't know with regards to how cute my daughter always dresses, does flatter me a lot.

This coming holidays, I am now getting excited to shop for girls clothing as there will be lots of bargains and sales as the malls will surely offer discounts for customers in time for the giving of company bonuses and 13th month pays. As early as the first week of November, I'd seen lots of mall sales but haven't really bought anything yet. But I am now thinking of buying Hannah's Christmas dress as early as now to avoid a swarm of people going to the mall for last minute shopping. So I'm gonna hit the mall this weekend to shop for Hannah's Christmas outfit this holidays!

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