This Christmas I decided to buy myself a pair of women's shoes as a gift of my hard work from blogging. I really wanted to buy a pair of ballerina flats since my last flats has worn out a few months ago. Flats are very comfortable to wear which are the best kinds of shoes to wear at work, most of all it doesn't need socks when wearing. It is definitely the most suitable shoes on the go that is also comfortable and stylish that can be best worn on jeans and shorts.

I have several pairs of ballet flats that I had worn on my various travels and I can say that it is the type of shoe I would wear on most days because of comfort and style. But if I have to go to the gym or just have a morning jog around the neighborhood, I always wear my ever dependable sneakers. I have two pairs that I alternately use so it won't worn out quickly. But I must admit that when I saw this very cute Adidas sneakers at the mall, I wanted to buy it right there and then! Fortunately we'll have our company bonus this December, so adding the sneakers on my wish list won't hurt my pocket a lot.

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