I have various videos stored on my Samsung Phone and since it already takes too much storage on my phone, I decided to save it on my laptop so that I can free up some space on my phone. So I saved it on my laptop and invited my mom and cousins to view some of the videos I took of Hannah but it turned out we cannot view it because it has a different format on my laptop. I don't know what to do so I asked my co-worker how can I view my cellphone videos which by the way has an mp4 format on my laptop that has an mpeg format. He advised me to download a Video Converter software so I can successfully view and hear all video and audio formats. He also got a Video Converter for Mac and told me how easy it is to just download it and several sites offer free and affordable video converters of your choice.

You can use this video converter for your phone, media players, laptop and even an iPad Video Converter is also now available. Talk about the many possibilities you can get from having a video converter! I am now on the process of reviewing which video converter to download so my family can now see the many videos I took of Hannah. They really can't wait so I have to hurry up!

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