Last Nov.3, our department launched the opening ceremonies for the yearly Sportsfest where different sports activities will take place during the month like basketball, volleyball as well as indoor games such as chess, table tennis and dart. For the not so sports minded like me, we were encouraged to join the Fun Run, a 3k marathon that took place at the business park where our company was located.

So I joined the Fun Run together with my friends/co-workers and it was sure not easy as it looked! Well for the most part, I just walked coz I got easily tired and my body especially my legs were already in pain. But I did finish it, though it took me a long time after I crossed the finish line. After that, we were given water and a sandwich which I took the liberty on eating for less than a minute, ha ha!!

Will I ever join another fun run or marathon again? Hmm, I guess not, but I am just happy that at least I got to try it, right?

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