Guest post written by Ida Clark

I really wish that I had bought a crock pot years ago. I put it off for the longest time becuase I thought that it was cheating on cooking. Actually I think that my mom mentioned it to me noce that it was cheating and so that's how I got it stuck in my head. But really my crock pot has been a lifesaver for me and I've decided that I'm going to the use the tools that I have for Thanksgiving this year and be sure to use it too.

I wanted to make sure to find a few recipes that I could pick from to use to make in my crockpot, so I did a whole bunch of researching for that with my clear wimax pittsburgh. I found all kinds of stuff, so I had a tougher time checking to see which one would be best to use since I only have one crock pot.

I finally decided to fix some slow cooked candied sweetpotatoes because I think that will make them even more candied.

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