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Thanksgiving is a wonderful time in our family, we all gather at an alternating family members home each year to get our fill of the traditional Thanksgiving feast. Every year one thing remains constant and that is our love of a movie called “Home for the Holidays,” a movie that has become just as much of a tradition as the turkey has. After filling our faces with more food than we really should have, we all gather around the TV and wait for our Satellite provider that we got after looking up Cable TV vs Satellite TV, to air the movie.

The movie centers on Claudia Larson played by Holly Hunter who is a single mom who right before Thanksgiving gets fired from her job as an art restorer. Claudia decided to go home for the holiday while her only child Kit decides to stay home and spend the holiday with her boyfriend. Right before Claudia gets on a plane Kit informs her she is going to have sex with her boyfriend sending Claudia's already fragile emotions spinning out of control.

Other cast members include Claudia's out of control brother Tommy played by Robert Downey Jr. who goes out of his way to constantly irritate their older and very conservative sister Joanne played by Cynthia Stevenson.

Tommy brings home Leo played by Dylan McDermott to meet Claudia only she believed he is with Tommy. As is turns out Tommy had married his long-term boyfriend and when Claudia boards a plane to head home Leo shows up on the plane and goes with her.

The movie is just filled with hectic family drama that emulates a lot of our family issues we have faced in the past and is just a fun filled movie that keeps us entertained over and over again.

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