This November, there were a lot of activities that I have to attend to which consists of a birthday, reunions, Thanksgiving and Christmas parties. I will be very busy starting this week, starting from my mother and cousin's birthday on Nov.13. Then next week we're planning on going at Enchanted Kingdom, then a reunion with my college classmates will also take place next week. I am not sure though if I will be going. One thing is sure though, I will be going to Divisoria this November for my Christmas shopping, ha ha!

Anyway, a Thanksgiving party is also in the works which will happen on the 27th at Laguna. My co-workers says that it will be an overnight party so I am also not sure if I'll be able to go since it's very far. Then by Dec.10, our company Christmas Party will be held on company grounds so I'm kinda excited about it.

Whew, lots of things to do! Hope I'll get to make a story about all of this soon!

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