It was an exciting day yesterday when Manny "The Pacman" Pacquaio had a boxing fight against Antonio Margarito of Mexico. On the way to the celebration of the christening of my cousin's son, we were glued on the radio of our car to keep updated of the fight. From the first round up to the last, Manny clearly won against the Mexican. Manny beat Margarito so bad it left him with a swollen face! We did not see the actual fight until we got home in the afternoon where it was broadcast(late) by GMA 7. Before we got home, we already knew who won, but the telecast on GMA 7 was only starting at Round 1 because of the countless ads shown on the station!

Anyway, we didn't even bothered watching the fight till the end coz we don't wanna get pissed by GMA 7's coverage. Besides, there's always youtube to watch it later.

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