My aunt and uncle from Cabanatuan City recently paid a visit to our family and my mother was very happy to see them since it was like years after they last saw each other. My aunt has this shop at their hometown where she and her husband installs home curtains from house to house and they had pictures with them of actual clients who got their service. We were impressed by the classy yet cozy feel on each home by the decorative curtains with its own unique design mounted on every window.

They had with them ready made curtains that can be installed immediately, so my mother decided to have our very own curtains for our window. My uncle and his assistant, worked instantly on our living room's window and after a few hours it was already finished. We were really satisfied with the finished product as it was styled with a sophisticated drape in the middle. Now our living room looks more cozy and comfortable with the newly installed curtain on our living room!

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