Guest post written by Jimmy Farrow

I haven't really been much of a reader until lately once I retired. But now I'm using all this free time that I couldn't even dream of having before on reading some of the classics that I missed out on during all that time. I thought that I would read some spooky stuff during the month of October for Halloween as a special treat.

So I went online to try and order some scary classic books for me to read. When I was doing that I saw an offer for some wireless internet service that I decided to click now and go ahead and sign up for it.

I ended up buying the horror classic of "Dracula". I had heard a long time ago that it's kind of a hard read now and I believe it. ItÕs definitely no Twilight book. ThatÕs for sure. But thatÕs why I like it even more. I think that all these people obsessed with vampires now owe it to Bram Stoker to read the original.

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