I was really having a hard time showering in the morning the past few weeks because our handheld shower head was not working anymore. I don't know what happened, one day there was too little water coming out of it till it came to a point that nobody was using it anymore because of its inefficiency. So my mother suggested to replace it since we've been using it like forever and already not doing its purpose so now is the right time to look for new shower heads.

So last weekend we went at the mall to shop for a shower head and it's really not so easy, mind you. Apparently, there are so many designs of handheld shower heads to choose which will basically depend on what you need. But we definitely know what we need and that is the ones with low pressure shower heads that gives a more powerful and stronger shower with different levels of adjustable sprays. We wanted one that can make our shower experience as pleasurable and comfortable as possible. In the end, we were happy with our purchase of a handheld shower head! Now I can always look forward on my morning shower everyday!

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