My sister who now has a house of her own, recently bought different home appliances and furnitures to go with her home decoration. She excitedly told me that she got this wooden adirondack chairs to be placed outside their home so when they have guests, they will feel comfortable seating and enjoy themselves. And besides the wall decors and plants that she bought, she also had utility sinks mounted on their backyard so that when some of our family members visited them and wants to have some barbeque, which by the way already has become sort of a get together for them once in a while, they can easily use it to wash their hands or clean the dishes instead of going inside and use the kitchen sink. I applauded her for what she bought can be very useful on her home.

She also confided to me that she is planning to buy a butcher block table for her kitchen, and I was kinda confused because it was the first time I heard of something like that. She said that a butcher block is a style of assembled hardwood used mainly as heavy duty chopping blocks and cutting boards. Since she's cooking a lot for her family, owning one can be a big help when she uses it for her cooking. For now, she's still looking for the one that will best fit her taste and of course her budget.

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