I have a handful of bras in my possession, all bought about 2 years ago. I just noticed that I really needed to buy a new one when the strap of my bra gave way when I'm about to use it. I am not really the type of person that has to get the newest style just to become updated with the latest fashion. What I needed is the Best Bra for my shape and body that has to be comfortable and flexible but also within my budget.

Now I am also looking for the Best Body shaper that I could use everyday when going to work. I really need a body shaper to slim my waist as it keeps on bulging whenever I wear something fit. So I have to always wear loose blouses to hide my belly because my co-workers kept on teasing me. How embarassing! So I promised myself that I would find a bra and a body shaper that would fit me well. Hope I could already use the dresses and blouses I bought but have to hide in my closet. Body shapers could really make the difference for figured woman like me as it would certainly provide full breast support and could slim and shape the waist and the tummy.

So how was your Christmas? We just celebrated it with the whole family. We attended mass and shared noche buena in the evening like the other families celebrating their Christmas Eve.

Then 2 days after, we watched The Great American Circus which Hannah enjoyed so much. The show ran for almost 2 hours so I guess it wasl worth seeing. Anyway, just wanna share with you Hannah's pic at the SMX Convention Center while we were waiting for the show to start. She's so cute on this picture :)

Aside from clothes, I think one of the things that women love to buy are definitely shoes. Owning different types of women's shoes from flats to boots are must haves for a woman like me. I myself own a few pair of flats but owning a stuart weitzman shoes are one of my dreams of owning someday. I especially love stuart weitzman peep-toe pumps that looks so stunningly sexy when wearing in a dress or a miniskirt. I just don't know if I could carry it well knowing that I don't wear shoes with heels most of the time. But I would really love to try it someday.

Another one on top of my wishlist are one of those boots that I see that celebrities are wearing. There are different types of boots that can be worn by the type of dress that you use. There are knee high boots, flat boots, western or hunter boots. The lists goes on, so there are limitless options for every women’s desire. But personally, I prefer those knee high boots because its sexy and fashionable at the same time.

Unlike others, I may not own a lot of pair of shoes, but I guess I can satisfy myself with a few that are not that expensive yet comfortable, flexible and easy to use. I really don’t know much about what’s the latest style nowadays, heck I still have to read a women’s shoe blog to become updated about the ins and outs on women’s shoe world. But I guess for simple woman like me, the most important part, aside from looking great and getting compliments, is the importance to feel comfortable and at ease with the one that you wear which basically serves right on the shoes’ purpose.

Now that it's the winter season in the US, my sister told me how they were shivering in the cold weather that's why when they go out they were the thickest sweaters and jackets that they have. And when they were in their home, they are being kept warm by the fireplace Gas Logs that are safely placed on their living room and outdoor area. It was a great way to not feel so much of the harsh weather condition and catch a cold in return. My brother-in-law also told me how they bought the gas logs for their home at Hansen Wholesale where it sells high quality gas logs at an affordable price. He later told me that he and my sister was eyeing the R. H. Peterson Real Fyre Gas Logs but due to budget constraint they postponed the idea of buying it for now. As what my sister learned, Robert H. Peterson gas logs has been manufacturing top of the line gas logs as well as grills for quite some time now. So this company has quite made a number of loyal followers too because of years of world class products being produced.

They also informed me that gas logs cannot be installed without proper knowledge on doing it since by the word itself, gas is involved so extra precaution is required before making the decision to have one. There are various Gas Log FAQs available to read and understand so if those who are interested on having one or two for their home but have limited knowledge with regards to installing a living room gas logs or an Outdoor Gas Logs, they can read it here and can expect that all the information about gas logs can be answered on the FAQs. Just like what they did, they were well informed about gas logs, that's why they are confident that the ones they have are safe and proven efficient.

Guest post written by Kelsey Worthington

I thought that for Christmas this year I would throw a Christmas party for our friends and neighbors. It's this weekend before everyone gets into all of the Christmas festivities with their own families, so I've been quite busy this week.

I've actually gotten a lot of recipes to make for the party online with our clearwirelessinternet. I have a couple of different Christmas cookie recipes that I've been baking, but I thought that I would make a few other things as refreshments that aren't Christmas cookies, just to mix things up.

One of those things that I'm fixing is chocolate snowballs. I had them once at a party and they were so delicious that I thought they would be great for my party. I haven't made them yet because I'm actually going to make them the morning of the party. I can't wait to see how they end up. I hope that they're have as good as the ones that were at that party because they were so delicious. I'm sure they'll be a hit with our partygoers.

When you have piles of loan to pay for, chances are it can affect you emotionally, physically, but most of all financially which can lead you to face your future with uncertainty. Besides, if you are having problems paying off your loans or credit cards it could tremendously affect your credit score once you apply for a bigger loans such as housing or car loan.

You can put a stop on you debt problems if you enter into a Debt Negotiation that can help you pay at a lower amount than you originally owe. Getting help for Debt Relief will eventually pay off your remaining balance if you agree with the terms set-up by the Debt Settlement company until you fully settle your obligation. By then all your financial worries will be put to an end thus giving you a much deserving peace of mind, not only for you but your family as well.

Last Saturday, we went at Manila Ocean Park to watch the Musical Fountain Show which is being held everyday starting at 6:30PM. I watched the show together with my daughter Hannah, my sister and her kids, my cousin and the kids' nannies.

Just before the show started, it rained so the people immediately got their umbrellas and sweater but the good thing is that Manila Ocean Park gives free raincoats to the patrons so we scrambled to get each one of us but I got nothing :( Luckily, I went to the other side of the venue and there were available raincoats. So I got 8 raincoats for each one of us and we immediately wore it since the rain started to pour.

I was somewhat worried for the kids to catch a cold so besides the raincoat, I let Hannah wore her own sweater so she won't feel cold. It was really fortunate that when the show started, the rain stopped and the show proceeded smoothly. Well what can I say? For P99 it was worth it! We only paid P99 each because I availed the promo where I registered online to receive the P99 SMS coupon. This text coupon will have to be presented at the ticket booth so that you have to pay P99 only instead of the usual P300. The catch is that ONE(1) SMS coupon per person per transaction only is allowed, meaning if you only have one cellphone it was only you who can register and you cannot register your other companions. It was fortunate that we have multiple cellphones so we were able to register all of us with no problems at all.

So what are you waiting for? Try this with your kids and I'm sure they'll gonna love the show as well as you! By the way, the P99 Musical Fountain Show promo is extended till Jan. 16, 2011...

This holiday season, I am thinking of the best gift I’d give to my nephews and nieces as well as my friends’ kids when they come to visit me this coming Christmas day. I know that kids love chocolate candies so I am very sure that they will get all excited when they see my holiday gift to them. Aside from toys, chocolate candies are a sure thing to give the kids because let’s face it, children has a sweet tooth and chocolates are one of their favorites.

Occasions such as Christmas, is one way of showing our love to our children and make them happy by giving them gifts such as toys and sweets like chocolates. This kind of holiday gifts will surely make them look forward on holiday season year after year.

This past few months, I ‘ve been having pimple breakouts that kept me frustrated because I really don’t know how and why it started. Everytime I wake up and see myself in the mirror, I always get annoyed seeing the zits that’s invading my face! I tried using different Acne Products to test which one is the best to prevent and remove acnes such as pimples, blackheads and whiteheads. But the more money I spent buying this and that products, the more I get frustrated since none of that works as they promised.

So I thought that the best way to treat my skin problems is to go and see a professional dermatologist. And I was glad I did! The doctor told me that eating habits as well as stress can contribute on acne breakouts. She advised me to avoid oily and fatty foods and don’t get stressed too much and sleep early. She also prescribed Skin Care Products for the treatment of my acne and also told me that I have signs of Age Spots all over my face. Because of overexposure to the sun, my skin has been affected by the sun. So I asked her what treatment can she recommend, and she advised me to try anti-aging skincare products to fight of rapid signs of aging.

So if you have acne problems, do try to see and ask professional advice first from a dermatologist so you can be properly prescribed. And know more about the products that you’ll gonna use to avoid allergies and a waste of money if it doesn’t going to work for you.

Thanks for the post, Vernon Lowe

Going to see Santa is a big time in our house. I have a four year old and a six year old boy, and they can't wait to see Santa. The boys have been spending every waking moment talking about what they plan to tell Santa. We plan to go see Santa just as soon as he gets in town. He comes to our local mall, and he will be set up with his cute little elf that is with him every year. I am sure it is the same Santa that visits our town every Christmas season. I often worry when we are all away from the house during this time of the year. Because of the many gifts and presents we have in the house. But this year I will be set my home security alarm from SecurityChoice.com. It is new and I have been using it religiously. I feel a lot safer this year having it. This is the first time I feel like I will not have to cut the boys trip from seeing Santa a little short. No rushing back this year, we are going to see Santa and then do a lot more Christmas shopping. So, I am feeling like the boys this year, I can't wait to see Santa.

So the much awaited decision of the Supreme Court has finally given and the suspects on the 1991 Vizconde Massacre was found not guilty of the crime of the murder of the 3 members of the Vizconde Family which was a sensational case on the 90's.

I am happy that justice for Hubert as well as the rest of the suspects was finally given but at the same time, sad for Mr. Vizconde because that only means after 19 long years, the justice he longs for his family is now on its uncertainty.

For more stories on this case, you can read it Here.

If you’re a seller who wants to sell different products , there are available products which you can buy at a discounted price if bought in large quantities that can save you lots of money. Wholesalers can earn maybe twice or thrice the price of the bulk items they buy if bought in wholesale. So it is a very nice source of income if you plan to resell products but has a limited money to invest since you can buy this products from Wholesale Suppliers at a much lower price.

This type of business can definitely earn you money especially if you have a store placed near passersby walking or you have an online shop that will give online shoppers a chance to buy from you thus adding more income for your business. So if you’re thinking of something that could earn you money but doesn’t require muc,/ah of an investment, then try buying Wholesale Products then resell it at a retail price and before you know it you are now gaining profit from your chosen business.

One of the home accessories that will surely add a nice touch on your home is having amco mailboxes mounted in front of your house. This mailboxes differ in sizes, design and materials being used. If I am the one to choose what type of mailbox would I install, it would certainly be amco victorian mailboxes since I love the intricate and elegant design that go with it. Another nice type of mailbox that that I won’t mind having is the amco pedestal mailbox because of its spacious compartment and durability to withstand any weather condition.

The fact that this type of mailboxes has the best functionality and heavy duty construction that will make it last a long time makes me want to own one as soon as possible. Having one mounted outside your home will give that elegant looking and sophisticated look you surely want your guests to be impressed with.

If you are a parent that is looking for an appropriate tool to help your kids get advance in Math subjects, why not try to find Reviews for tutorvista in order to find satisfied customers who took advantage of this online tutoring service for students. Online tutoring for Math has been so easy ever since Reviews for tutorvista spread around the internet. But let’s face it since Reviews for tutorvista were fair and not biased, expect that there’s were also some negative remarks that were also raised. The most important thing for parents to remember is, what is the most significant issue their children are facing in Math so that it can be properly addressed at Tutorvista.

You see, Tutorvista Review can help tremendously not only the parents but the students as well, because in that way, precious money is saved since getting Tutorvista Review can eliminate the stress of wondering if this particular online tutoring is very good at tutoring students as well as if it is affordable for the parents to shoulder. By finding Tutorvista Review, parents can be rest assured that all the needed components in Math subjects are being covered, thus students can well receive tutoring service provided by professional and qualified tutors.

Now that the holiday vacation is fast approaching, I cannot wait to watch upcoming movies to be shown on my favorite channels such as HBO and Cinemax. I can stay the whole day without Ieaving and can live with those two tv channels only. But of course I’m a little bit exaggerating, because the more channels especially HD I can get, the better tv viewing will be. So I envy those that have direct tv subscription because of the many choices they have for the ultimate tv viewing experience.

Unlike the cable that we have, there are available directv packages that will suit every viewers wants and needs. So all types of viewers are being catered for what they prefer to watch. Viewers are definitely pamapered by subscribing to directv! How I wish there’d come a time I’m gonna experience watching with an HD channel to finally savor the best in tv programming!

When my sister came home to have a vacation here in the Philippines, she gave me a gift that really caught me by surprise. She gave me a personalized DVD compilation of various pictures and videos of me and my daughter Hannah with matching background music and impressive layout that she painstakingly did for months before she came here for a vacation. I was really impressed and touched by her gift and I thanked her for a job well done.

I asked her what made her decide to give me such a unique gift. She said that when she and her family went out malling, she came upon various DVD duplicators that basically creates another copy of your own discs and CD printers that prints CDs and DVDs with outstanding quality images on discs. And because she’s been studying photoshop, she had this idea of turning our pictures and videos into a project and compile it on a DVD. Now, she has also done different themes that feature mostly her daughter and is planning also to make this a part time business to keep her busy. With the way how professional looking her work is, I bet this part time business will surely go a long way!

I'm so excited that we'll gonna watch The Great American Circus Show on Dec.26, 2010 at 3PM at SMX Convention Center! I decided to purchase their gold ticket after it was announced that they're gonna have a buy two get two promo just for that day. We went at SM Bacoor last Sunday to go malling but ended up watching the The Great American Circus SM Mall Preview later that afternoon. The preview lasted only for about 15 minutes so it kinda left me hanging and wanting for more. So I bought 2 tickets and got another 2 tickets for a total of 4 tickets!

Anyway, the show's gonna run from Dec.21, 2010 to Jan.4, 2011and will feature acts such as Aerial Ballet, Wheel of Death, Michael Jackson Tribute, Teether Board, Crossbow Masters, Fire Bender and Clowns among others. No I really can't wait to watch it with Hannah!

If you are playing poker as a hobby or as a professional player, chances are you encounter different types of players you’ve played against with. But you don’t know anything against your opponents besides their usernames so it makes you wonder once in awhile how this player ranks when pitted against you. Good thing, that poker sites are now adding poker rankings of players so as to further review or breakdown opponents’ statistics on each category so you can strategize well when the big game comes.

Besides poker rankings, players can also view each others’ profiles as well as well as photos or a short biography thus creating an online community filled with shared passion. Who knows, you can even find a friend that you can share tips and strategies when playing online poker, right? You can have the best of both worlds by playing the game that you love and at the same time learning more about the players that have the same interests as you.

If I were to choose what part of our house would I never have to clean ever again, that would be our sofa and the tiles on our bathroom! You see I’m very much allergic to dust, so imagine me sneezing all day when I vacuum our carpet and sofa. And how about the tiles on our bathroom? Even though we have a cleaning aid to wipe away stains on the floors and I even tried researching for tile cleaning tips austin, the stains would not go away. It still leaves an ugly mark on our bathroom tiles even though I tried so hard to remove it. So I just decided to find a good tile cleaning services austin so I wouldn’t have to stress myself when I have to clean our bathroom again.

It was such a relief to delegate this hard task to someone whose professional in dealing with household cleaning problems. Services such as tile cleaning, sofa upholstery cleaning austin or carpet and even rag cleaning has never been easier if you decide to pass this job on someone who knows more than you do. So don’t stress yourself too much like I do when there’s a way to solve problem areas on your home. Get the work done by hiring professional cleaning service!

One of my dream course for Hannah to take up in college is Nursing. I just admire nurses who are working all around the world that serves patients such as children and most of all taking care of old people because it’s definitely not an easy task. Besides, I wanted to see Hannah wearing nursing uniforms that really looks clean and tidy.

Whenever I go to the hospital, I always wonder where the nursing staff get their burnt orange scrubs because it really looks cute and chic on them when wearing. It is always pleasant to see cherokee medical uniforms when the hospital staff wears them as it looks more professional but at the same time you won’t get intimidated to talk to them because the uniforms looks bright and cheerful unlike other nusing uniforms that looks dull and cheap. How I wish Hannah would get to wear this colorful and beautiful medical scrubs in the future!

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