Guest post written by Kelsey Worthington

I thought that for Christmas this year I would throw a Christmas party for our friends and neighbors. It's this weekend before everyone gets into all of the Christmas festivities with their own families, so I've been quite busy this week.

I've actually gotten a lot of recipes to make for the party online with our clearwirelessinternet. I have a couple of different Christmas cookie recipes that I've been baking, but I thought that I would make a few other things as refreshments that aren't Christmas cookies, just to mix things up.

One of those things that I'm fixing is chocolate snowballs. I had them once at a party and they were so delicious that I thought they would be great for my party. I haven't made them yet because I'm actually going to make them the morning of the party. I can't wait to see how they end up. I hope that they're have as good as the ones that were at that party because they were so delicious. I'm sure they'll be a hit with our partygoers.

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