I have a handful of bras in my possession, all bought about 2 years ago. I just noticed that I really needed to buy a new one when the strap of my bra gave way when I'm about to use it. I am not really the type of person that has to get the newest style just to become updated with the latest fashion. What I needed is the Best Bra for my shape and body that has to be comfortable and flexible but also within my budget.

Now I am also looking for the Best Body shaper that I could use everyday when going to work. I really need a body shaper to slim my waist as it keeps on bulging whenever I wear something fit. So I have to always wear loose blouses to hide my belly because my co-workers kept on teasing me. How embarassing! So I promised myself that I would find a bra and a body shaper that would fit me well. Hope I could already use the dresses and blouses I bought but have to hide in my closet. Body shapers could really make the difference for figured woman like me as it would certainly provide full breast support and could slim and shape the waist and the tummy.

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