This past few months, I ‘ve been having pimple breakouts that kept me frustrated because I really don’t know how and why it started. Everytime I wake up and see myself in the mirror, I always get annoyed seeing the zits that’s invading my face! I tried using different Acne Products to test which one is the best to prevent and remove acnes such as pimples, blackheads and whiteheads. But the more money I spent buying this and that products, the more I get frustrated since none of that works as they promised.

So I thought that the best way to treat my skin problems is to go and see a professional dermatologist. And I was glad I did! The doctor told me that eating habits as well as stress can contribute on acne breakouts. She advised me to avoid oily and fatty foods and don’t get stressed too much and sleep early. She also prescribed Skin Care Products for the treatment of my acne and also told me that I have signs of Age Spots all over my face. Because of overexposure to the sun, my skin has been affected by the sun. So I asked her what treatment can she recommend, and she advised me to try anti-aging skincare products to fight of rapid signs of aging.

So if you have acne problems, do try to see and ask professional advice first from a dermatologist so you can be properly prescribed. And know more about the products that you’ll gonna use to avoid allergies and a waste of money if it doesn’t going to work for you.

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