When my sister came home to have a vacation here in the Philippines, she gave me a gift that really caught me by surprise. She gave me a personalized DVD compilation of various pictures and videos of me and my daughter Hannah with matching background music and impressive layout that she painstakingly did for months before she came here for a vacation. I was really impressed and touched by her gift and I thanked her for a job well done.

I asked her what made her decide to give me such a unique gift. She said that when she and her family went out malling, she came upon various DVD duplicators that basically creates another copy of your own discs and CD printers that prints CDs and DVDs with outstanding quality images on discs. And because she’s been studying photoshop, she had this idea of turning our pictures and videos into a project and compile it on a DVD. Now, she has also done different themes that feature mostly her daughter and is planning also to make this a part time business to keep her busy. With the way how professional looking her work is, I bet this part time business will surely go a long way!

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