Aside from clothes, I think one of the things that women love to buy are definitely shoes. Owning different types of women's shoes from flats to boots are must haves for a woman like me. I myself own a few pair of flats but owning a stuart weitzman shoes are one of my dreams of owning someday. I especially love stuart weitzman peep-toe pumps that looks so stunningly sexy when wearing in a dress or a miniskirt. I just don't know if I could carry it well knowing that I don't wear shoes with heels most of the time. But I would really love to try it someday.

Another one on top of my wishlist are one of those boots that I see that celebrities are wearing. There are different types of boots that can be worn by the type of dress that you use. There are knee high boots, flat boots, western or hunter boots. The lists goes on, so there are limitless options for every women’s desire. But personally, I prefer those knee high boots because its sexy and fashionable at the same time.

Unlike others, I may not own a lot of pair of shoes, but I guess I can satisfy myself with a few that are not that expensive yet comfortable, flexible and easy to use. I really don’t know much about what’s the latest style nowadays, heck I still have to read a women’s shoe blog to become updated about the ins and outs on women’s shoe world. But I guess for simple woman like me, the most important part, aside from looking great and getting compliments, is the importance to feel comfortable and at ease with the one that you wear which basically serves right on the shoes’ purpose.

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