So how do you like the new look of my blog? I spent hours trying to find a simple layout to go with my blog. I think this is just perfect for me. Nothing too fancy and too much design. I hope it would attract more readers and visitors alike.

Anyway, tomorrow would be the first day of February. Hmm, how a month flies so fast! Fourteen days to go till Valentines Day. And yes, I would definitely spend it with the love of my life which is no other than Hannah! My daughter's still too young to know what Valentines Day is and hopefully she wouldn't hurry spending it with somebody other than me... :( One thing's for sure, we will spend the day before Hearts Day hearing the word of God at New Creation Ministries then who knows we can stroll later at the mall with my family...

Last Jan.6, 2011 I applied a passport for Hannah using DFA's online passport application system. I just filled up the necessary information like name, birthday and address. I also got to choose the appointment date, I chose Feb.12 since it's a Saturday and I don't have work on a weekend. The requirements for a minor(Hannah's only 2 years old)are birth certificate which must come from NSO and passport of mother. But to be sure that I've got all that they need, I also applied for a marriage contract from NSO which I've requested at SM Business Centre for P140. It will be released after 5 days.

Passport fees for regular processing is P950 and P1200 for rush processing. I opted for regular processing only since we won't be needing it anytime soon. I am also thinking of just sending the passport to our house instead of me returning at the DFA to get it. The shipping fee would be P120 according to the website.

I thought of getting Hannah a passport after I saw a series of airfare promos and discounts on Cebu Pacific. I really wanted Hannah to see Disneyland in the future and who knows when will Cebu Pacific offers Zero Fare. So I must be prepared so I could grab the first seats on the promo when it happens.

Lately I've been worrying a lot because I've been getting less and less tasks over the week so I began to think what could be the problem that it just suddenly stopped. I took a hard look on my blog and I just thought that maybe I need to change a little about my overall appearance and content. I also noticed before that on some of the tasks that advertisers require, they want a blog that has its own domain and not hosted by free blog publishing sites.

I hope there’s more waiting for me by blogging and I continue writing here to improve my page rank and hopefully get more of advertisers attention. So my future plan is to have my own domain by getting a webhosting provider and overhaul my blog to make it look more professional because it can really make a difference earning wise as compared to getting a free blog publishing service. But before that, I might as well think of a catchy domain name that I'm going to use that's not too simple but not complicated as well. I really hope it's gonna happen this year because I really want to earn more from blogging, get more online work and most importantly because I do enjoy blogging a lot!

Here’s a good news for the middle class and poor couple already in a loveless relationship and wants to end their marriage by means of annulment but cannot afford to do so because of the money involved like hiring of lawyers, psychologists and psychiatrists. Bayan Muna Rep. Neri Colmenares filed House Bill 3952 titled “An Act Recognizing Spousal Violence, Infidelity and Abandonment as Presumptive Psychological Incapacity Constituting a Ground for the Annulment of Marriage.” Under this bill, a spouse who commits violence, infidelity and abandonment of his family are presumed psychologically incapacitated. This presumption intends to shorten the court hearings thus making it enough not to hire the services of expensive psychologists and psychiatrists. If one of this grounds for psychological incapacity is proven, a spouse can already file for the nullity of their marriage.

From what I’ve been reading, the process of annulment costs around P200K-P500K depending on the lawyer/s you hired. Of course movie stars and the rich tend to pay more because of their status and most importantly money is not a problem to them. So this bill is really a good news for the not so rich and poor because in that way they won't be stucked hating each other and both can end their misery by ending their unfortunate marriage and probably have a fresh new start.

For the complete news on this: Click HERE!

I was constantly worrying now for the past few days because the only money making site that I registered that actually gives me enough tasks to do, suddenly stopped giving me assignments. I don’t know why it happened because before, I always receive like 2 to 3 tasks a day so I am not used to not do any tasks from them. I already e-mailed them, sent them a message on their site but it seems that they don’t read any of my queries.

So I am really down nowadays thinking what else would I have to do to earn some extra cash. I signed up with other blog advertising sites but none of them gives me tasks to do. I hope it’s all just temporary. Anyway, just when I thought that all’s not well for me which makes me really sad, I saw this phrase at the back of the bus earlier this morning and it read “God Is Good”. And it makes me think that I just have to thank God for the blessings that he gives me eventhough not all of the things I want happens. God knows what’s in store for me, so I just have to believe in his plans and in God’s time I know I will bounce back and all will be alright.

For wine lovers out there who have acquired a number of wines on their home and in the process wine glasses too, one way to organize and separate their wine glasses with the others is to get those high quality wine glass racks so when they have guests to entertain all they have to do is take out their wine glasses from their wine glass rack to start whetever party they have.

I once saw a beautiful stemware rack on a party and I thought it was so classy to have one on your home especially if you have guests that likes wine drinking. I would really like to have one for my home too because I find it really nice and sophisticated and good thing is that there are wine glass racks for sale which makes it affordable for someone like me to purchase. But first things first, is that I would have to buy my own wines first then I can proceed on buying a wine glass rack! :)

If you're looking for a work of art done by none other than shepard fairey, look no farther as there are already tons of shepard fairey prints available on the internet making it so much easier to score authentic art prints of your choice. This collection of prints can be an added attraction to your room, home or office depending on what's your taste because there are various types of shepard fairey art prints that you could pick.

So if you're a huge fan of art works done by Shepard Fairey, I suggest to buy his art prints online because it's less hassle and you would be able to choose from a wide range of products available on the internet. So get your very own genuine shepard fairey art prints now and see for yourself how much talent this great artist has.

Just found this beautiful poem on the internet and I wanna share this poem to all single mothers out there who always strive to succeed despite trials and problems for the future of their children:

Single Parent
© Tiara S. Winston

I sit and look out upon the life of a single parent
I hear the single mother's selfless cries of loneliness for her child in the still darkness of the night
I see the mother awaking her child with a playful game of peek-a-boo with a smile as warm and bright as the afternoon sun at its apex of the day
I mark the loving kindness she expresses toward her son even with the all the trials and tribulations this world puts upon her
I observe the mother getting herself ready for work with the misgivings of the coming day (where are my socks, did I already put salt in the eggs, where did I put my keys)
I observe the quiet darkness of the child's bedroom with the mother sitting on the bed with a Bible in hand telling her child of all the wonderful things of Gods love then kissing him good night
All these things are things a mother has to do to help her child grow
See hear, and be not afraid you can succeed with Gods help

Poem Source: Single Mom, Mother Poems

Thank God, it's Friday once again! Now I can get to spend the weekend again with Hannah and my nephew and niece. I still can't decide where will I take the kids so they would enjoy this weekend. We might probably go to the mall and let them play or eat at Jollibee. That's what I like when I'm with this kids, they are easy to please, you just let them play and stroll around the mall and they're already happy. I really hope we could go out and enjoy this weekend like the rest of you!

I just discovered a fun hobby you can share with your kids especially if your kid happens to be a girl! I really enjoyed playing Dress Up Games with Hannah in which you can select different types of clothes, shoes and accessories depending on what role your virtual doll is playing or where she is going. Hannah also gets to choose what dress she likes, like when we played Dress Up Hannah Montana, she was the one who chose what type of dress she wears. And what can I say? I found out that my daughter has a sense of style at her age!

I also get to try to Dress Up Lady GaGa which I had the most fun and other hollywood celebrities like Paris Hilton which I love dressing up! This is one site where I really enjoyed passing up time that eventually end up as some sort of a bonding time with my daughter. Next time that I want to try is dressing up a bride or a Miss World beauty. Now I can't wait for it!

Post contributed by Toni Jensen

Hailed as the best educational children's program since the beloved Arthur, Martha Speaks both entertains and teaches children vocabulary using humor and lovable characters.

Martha speaks is based on the children's book by the same name. Written by Susan Meddaugh, the concept of the book is that Martha ate some alphabet soup fed to her by her 10 years old owner Helen Lorraine. Rather than the letters traveling to Martha's stomach, they wound up in her brain. This resulted in Martha being able to speak.

Young viewers of the show learn vocabulary and synonyms based on key words for that episode. Martha speaks animal languages as well, except for monkey and languages of other exotic animals. Martha is surrounded by an array of quirky animal friends such as Kitten, Professor Monkey, Francois, and Courage Collie Carlo. Among Martha's human friends are T.D., Alice, and Helen's baby brother "Jakey". Martha enjoys teaching the adorable Jakey to talk.

The cast of the show is original and interesting. Each have their own unique quirks and apprehensions. The show uses personalities and fears to introduce new vocabulary to its' young audience. For example Martha's crush, the heroic Courage Collie Carlo has anthophobia, which we learn is a fear of flowers.

Currently airing daily on PBS (available on satellite TV from, Martha Speaks is a joy for children and adults alike!

My aunt and her husband has been in the US for over 3 years now to work and they left behind their 2 teenage kids that has been staying with us since they left with my mother as their guardian. They are in constant communication and now that my aunt is processing my cousins' papers to go to the US, we are all excited for them to reunite with their parents.

My cousins are really good students but I keep on wondering how will they fare with the other students once they enroll in a school in the US. As far as I know, though the subjects are the same, the approach is a whole lot of different. Math like Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 was one of the subjects they had a hard time with, so my uncle, which incidentally is a Math teacher in high school, got Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 Help in order for them to pass their subject. It has been quite awhile that he tutors them during weekends. This schoolyear, my elder cousin is now getting Math Homework Help like Calculus Help while my younger cousin also gets Geometry Help and Statistics Help for them to excel more in Math.

I just hope when the time comes that they will be able to continue their studies in the US, they would be able to adjust well with the other students so that their good grades here will not get wasted. They're really hard working kids who loves to study and make friends so I guess they will blend well with the other kids their age.

My sister whose also gained weight during the holiday season, recently told me of her decision to enter the gym to help her lose weight. She inquired about it at a fitness center near our home and she was assisted by a gym instructor that told her about the extensive weight loss management she has to take under the supervision of a personal trainer. The personal trainer assigned to her will use an indirect calorimeter to determine the RMR or Resting Metabolic Rate to maximize her weight loss results. This calorimeters are BodyGem, a device specifically for home use and MedGem which is the professional version that is used by doctors and nutritionists. By using MedGem and BodyGym, it can be determined what type of nutritional program is appropriate for her.

Another valuable fitness equipment that measures cholesterol level and complete lipid profile plus glucose is what we call Cholestech LDX system. This test does it all in 5 minutes per test cassette! This fast and easy tests is being used to determine a patient's risk against heart disease, diabetes and other metabolic ailments.

I am really amazed of the latest fitness equipments being used this days to help overweight individuals in their quest to reduce weight. This equipments will surely be an invaluable tool to fight off different diseases existing. I just hope I'd be able to try and see it for myself how it goes so I would also know the state of my health.

We recently had our annual physical examination in our company and I must say that I always looks forward to it because in that way I will be able to know the status of my health. Fortunately, when the result came in about two months ago, I am cleared of any signs of sickness or illness. I really fear on getting sick especially now that I am a a single parent. So any self help that I can do in order to assure that I won’t get sick, I do it. Like I take multivitamins to help me get stronger, avoiding vices and really fatty foods and lastly I also do breast self examination in order to detect breast cancer symptoms. Any women can do the self help breast examination at least once a month for any signs of breast cancer symptoms such as breast lumps or any changes on the shape, size and color of the breasts.

Breast cancer is the most common type of non-skin cancer in women and the fifth most common cause of cancer death so it is very important for women to become aware and detect breast cancer symptoms early in order to be treated right away and prevent further damage on a woman’s health. Certainly an ounce of prevention is better than cure.

Now that it’s a brand new year, a lot of people I know which includes myself, has been making New Year’s resolution left and right and would you believe that one of the most popular New Year’s resolution that people make is to lose weight? Because of the holiday season, there was a lot of reunions and parties that served holiday dishes that all of us has been drooling all year to eat. Well now, the result is added pounds that’s really hard to lose.

So I’ve been thinking of trying diet pills to shed some of the weight I gained last year. I really don’t have much time to go to the gym so I think this is the best way to reduce weight quickly. A carefully planned diet regimen used together with the best diet pills can work effectively if you followed it right. I really want to use weight loss diet pills that is proven safe and effective without any dangerous side effect and will duped me of my hard earned money. I really hope I could lose weight quickly as I am beginning to notice that I cannot wear most of the clothes anymore. I still want to wear my clothes so I will begin to take it seriously, that is losing weight!

My friend who is based on New South Wales Australia, has been inviting to come visit her and her family for quite sometime now. I am just having second thoughts because I know that international flights are not cheap and requires a lot of planning and of course budget. She said that I don't have to worry about accomodations and travelling around Australia since she would be the one to shoulder my expenses when I'm there. I got excited by her invitation so I am now looking for cheap flights from qantas airline hoping I could find an affordable airfare.

I really wanted to visit my friend in Australia because it has been almost 7 years since we last saw each other. A trip there would make it more memorable since it would be the first time that I would hopefully meet her husband and kids. I really wish that I would find international airfares going to Australia that would fit my budget because if not then it would really make me sad knowing that my friend has also been looking forward to see me real soon.

Here's wishing you all more blessings for the coming year. For myself, I wish I'd be able to continue receiving tasks here on my blog and also good health and stay happy for me and my family!
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Happy New Year Glitter Pictures

Contributed by Milford Woods

Today is the day I am going to take my one year old daughter to see Santa for the first time. Although she may not realize who Santa is exactly, it is a great tradition to start. The Santa visits start at noon, so we will leave our home close to 11:00, maybe earlier. Before I leave i will set my home security alarm with ADT SECURITY monitoring, because last time I left home there was a break in. When we reach Santa's workshop I want to bring my daughter up close to the stuffed reindeers and small elves. Kaylee is not going to know what to think, but I think she will enjoy all the costumes and friendly voices. The people who play the roles of Santa and the elves are amazing with children and know how to quickly put a smile on their little faces. Last year I watched my youngest nephew get on Santa's lap and start crying. After a tear was shed, Santa whispered something in his ear and he was smiling once again. I was so impressed that I knew I had to bring Kaylee there as soon as she arrived. So here I am, ready to bring her for her first visit!

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