Here’s a good news for the middle class and poor couple already in a loveless relationship and wants to end their marriage by means of annulment but cannot afford to do so because of the money involved like hiring of lawyers, psychologists and psychiatrists. Bayan Muna Rep. Neri Colmenares filed House Bill 3952 titled “An Act Recognizing Spousal Violence, Infidelity and Abandonment as Presumptive Psychological Incapacity Constituting a Ground for the Annulment of Marriage.” Under this bill, a spouse who commits violence, infidelity and abandonment of his family are presumed psychologically incapacitated. This presumption intends to shorten the court hearings thus making it enough not to hire the services of expensive psychologists and psychiatrists. If one of this grounds for psychological incapacity is proven, a spouse can already file for the nullity of their marriage.

From what I’ve been reading, the process of annulment costs around P200K-P500K depending on the lawyer/s you hired. Of course movie stars and the rich tend to pay more because of their status and most importantly money is not a problem to them. So this bill is really a good news for the not so rich and poor because in that way they won't be stucked hating each other and both can end their misery by ending their unfortunate marriage and probably have a fresh new start.

For the complete news on this: Click HERE!

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