My sister whose also gained weight during the holiday season, recently told me of her decision to enter the gym to help her lose weight. She inquired about it at a fitness center near our home and she was assisted by a gym instructor that told her about the extensive weight loss management she has to take under the supervision of a personal trainer. The personal trainer assigned to her will use an indirect calorimeter to determine the RMR or Resting Metabolic Rate to maximize her weight loss results. This calorimeters are BodyGem, a device specifically for home use and MedGem which is the professional version that is used by doctors and nutritionists. By using MedGem and BodyGym, it can be determined what type of nutritional program is appropriate for her.

Another valuable fitness equipment that measures cholesterol level and complete lipid profile plus glucose is what we call Cholestech LDX system. This test does it all in 5 minutes per test cassette! This fast and easy tests is being used to determine a patient's risk against heart disease, diabetes and other metabolic ailments.

I am really amazed of the latest fitness equipments being used this days to help overweight individuals in their quest to reduce weight. This equipments will surely be an invaluable tool to fight off different diseases existing. I just hope I'd be able to try and see it for myself how it goes so I would also know the state of my health.

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