I just discovered a fun hobby you can share with your kids especially if your kid happens to be a girl! I really enjoyed playing Dress Up Games with Hannah in which you can select different types of clothes, shoes and accessories depending on what role your virtual doll is playing or where she is going. Hannah also gets to choose what dress she likes, like when we played Dress Up Hannah Montana, she was the one who chose what type of dress she wears. And what can I say? I found out that my daughter has a sense of style at her age!

I also get to try to Dress Up Lady GaGa which I had the most fun and other hollywood celebrities like Paris Hilton which I love dressing up! This is one site where I really enjoyed passing up time that eventually end up as some sort of a bonding time with my daughter. Next time that I want to try is dressing up a bride or a Miss World beauty. Now I can't wait for it!

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